Sheriff’s Office Congratulates its Annual Employee Award Recipients

The Sheriff’s Office celebrates its employees each year with a ceremony and the presentation of awards for those staff members who have distinguished themselves during the previous year.

Page updated on Apr 22, 2021 at 9:36 AM

This year, out of concern for the health of our staff and those in our custody, the Office held a virtual awards presentation in April to celebrate achievements from 2020.

Sheriff’s Office employees submitted nominations for colleagues for specific honors and professional accomplishments. Then employees voted for the nominees they believed were most deserving.

Congratulations to the following honorees:

Outstanding Performance Sworn Supervisor – Captain Lynn Oliver
Outstanding Performance Civilian Supervisor – Inmate Services Director LaTanya Ervin
Outstanding Performance Sworn Line Staff – Deputy Steven Hand
Outstanding Performance Civilian Line Staff – Account Clerk III La’Shawn Knox
Best New Sworn Employee – Deputy Reana Mohamed
Best New Civilian Employee – Classification Counselor Christine Farrow
Esprit De Corps – Master Deputy Ricky Hart
Lifesaving – Deputy Sean Williams
Best Idea – Human Resources Director Christopher Whelan
Shining Star – Deputy Ashley Battle
Unit Spirit – Facility Services Section
Outstanding Contributions by an Employee of a City Agency or Organization or Contractor – Roderick Valerio, RN, of Wellpath

The following employees who earned promotions in 2020 were also recognized:

Sergeant Lemuel Houston
Sergeant Stephen Mackey
Sergeant Tonya Moss
Sergeant Julio Ocasio
Lieutenant Treska Lytle
Lieutenant Gregory Zedalis
Records Director Debra Defreitas
Human Resources Manager Latoscha Hart
Human Resources Director Christopher Whelan

Photo: (left to right, from top) Deputy Ashley Battle, Director LaTanya Ervin, Classification Counselor Christine Farrow, Deputy Steven Hand, Master Deputy Ricky Hart, Account Clerk III La’Shawn Knox, Deputy Reana Mohamed, Captain Lynn Oliver, Nurse Roderick Valerio, Human Resources Director Christopher Whelan and Deputy Sean Williams

ASO Honorees

Photo: (left to right, from top) Sergeant Lemuel Houston, Sergeant Stephen Mackey, Sergeant Tonya Moss, Sergeant Julio Ocasio, Lieutenant Treska Lytle, Lieutenant Gregory Zedalis, Records Director Debra Defreitas, Human Resources Manager Latoscha Hart and Human Resources Director Christopher Whelan

ASO Promotees