Inmate Services Team Increasing Programs in Detention Center

Due to strict safety protocols to protect inmates and staff from COVID-19, many inmate programs were suspended last year. Inmate Services staff have been working in recent months to re-start educational and reentry preparation programs without putting anyone at risk.

Page updated on Jul 12, 2021 at 4:19 PM

2021 Flagger TrainingIn addition to offering GED, ESL and Life Learning classes, the Inmate Services team has been providing eligible inmates with training, motivational and personal growth programs. These programs include Bridges to Life which follows the Restoring Peace curriculum and utilizes victim impact stories to garner understanding of accountability, confession, and forgiveness, and Racial Healing, delivered by OAR, which uses activities that challenge privilege, confront systemic racism, and promote collective healing.

Training opportunities help inmates develop knowledge and skills that will benefit them after their release. These include job training with professional certifications that can help them obtain employment. In June, seven inmates received their ServSafe® Food Protection Manager certification after completing training and successfully passing the required exam. Between April and June, 10 inmates became certified flaggers who can direct traffic on roadways and in work zones after they completed American Traffic Safety Services Association training and passed the mandatory test.

Also in June, nine inmates received training on how to recognize opioid overdoses and how to respond using Narcan, an effective antidote. Inmate Services began providing this type of training in 2018 and if they want, participants can receive the medication when they are released.

Inmate Services staff are looking forward to continued expansion of programs, like the annual writing contest offered by HEARD and new chess lessons, this summer.

Photo: Deputy Todd Stubblefield, certified as a Traffic Control Supervisor and a Flagging Instructor by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), conducts flagger training for inmates.