Nine Deputy Sheriffs Graduate from Criminal Justice Academy

Several deputy sheriff recruits completed extensive training and graduated from the academy in Session 145.

Page updated on Dec 13, 2021 at 12:25 PM

On December 10, nine deputy sheriffs graduated with Session 145 of the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy at a ceremony in Leesburg. Sheriff Dana Lawhorne and members of his command and training staff extended their congratulations to Deputy Ayodeji Ajeigbe, Deputy Shawn Cain, Deputy Patrick Carty, Deputy Sean Coates, Deputy Isaac Fatzinger, Deputy Jessica Henriquez-Romero, Deputy Anthony Morgante, Deputy Nicholas Nemard, and Deputy Juan Reyes.

The new deputies successfully completed six months of training, including emergency vehicle operations, firearms qualifications, defensive and control tactics, crash investigation, basic legal training, jail and courthouse procedures, and other important areas.

The Sheriff’s Office graduates distinguished themselves with Deputy Nemard participating in the honor guard that presented the colors and Deputy Fatzinger being named a vice-president of Session 145. Deputy Reyes had the second-highest score in the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course and Deputy Fatzinger finished with the third-highest score in physical fitness among the male recruits.

During the ceremony, Master Deputy Vikas Ohri, a veteran Alexandria deputy assigned to the academy, received the Dave Vice Award which is presented to the outstanding academy instructor.

The graduates are now continuing their training at the Sheriff’s Office.

Photo: (l-r) Deputy Sean Coates, Deputy Ayodeji Ajeigbe, Deputy Shawn Cain, Deputy Jessica Henriquez-Romero, Deputy Juan Reyes, Deputy Nicholas Nemard, Deputy Isaac Fatzinger, Deputy Patrick Carty, Deputy Anthony Morgante and Sheriff Dana Lawhorne.

NVJCTA Session 145 ASO Graduates