Commission for Women Honors Chief Webb with Vola Lawson Award

The Alexandria Commission for Women honored Chief Deputy Wendy Webb with the Vola Lawson Award at the 34th Annual Salute to Women Awards on Monday, March 31, 2014. The award recognizes a City employee who, like longtime City Manager Vola Lawson, advanced, improved or otherwise contributed to the status of women in the City.

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2014 Salute to Women Awards

Chief Webb joined the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office in 1986 as a Deputy Sheriff and then rose through the ranks to become a Sergeant, serving in one of the night teams of the Adult Detention Center. Chief Webb later left sworn ranks to serve as a civilian in the Sheriff's Office’s Administrative Services Division, rising to level of Division Chief. In that capacity, she was responsible for the Human Resources and Training functions. She returned to sworn service as a Captain in 2009 and in 2013 was promoted to Chief Deputy.

Chief Webb has served the City with excellence for more than 27 years. She is known for her expertise in human resource management, policy development; budget and finance management and jail operations. In addition, her diplomacy and willingness to help others has resulted in other City agencies requesting her assistance. She has been a great ambassador for the Sheriff's Office. As Chief Deputy of Administrative Services Bureau, she serves with excellence and has earned the deep devotion and respect of her staff. She is an example to all women on how to serve with strength and courage, yet with empathy and a genuine concern for others. Chief Webb has dedicated herself to the success of the women she touches professionally and personally, and each day serves as a walking example for women to emulate. Chief Deputy Webb has demonstrated a long term commitment to improving the status of women. Throughout her many years as a supervisor in the Sheriff's Office, she has mentored, encouraged and promoted women at all levels of our organization.

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne, Captain Robyn Nichols, and Commander Mondre’ Kornegay, who nominated Chief Webb for the award, attended the ceremony as did several  members of Chief Webb’s family.

Below: Two of Vola Lawson’s sons, McArthur Myers and Peter Lawson, presented Chief Webb with the award named in honor of their mother. 

2014 Salute to Women Chief Webb