Deputy Honored at Public Safety Valor Awards

Congratulations to Deputy Charles Poarch who was honored at the 2014 Public Safety Valor Awards! The Chamber of Commerce presented Deputy Poarch with a Life Saving Award at the annual Valor Awards luncheon on Thursday, April 17.

Page updated on Apr 17, 2017 at 11:16 AM

2014 Valor Award Recipient Deputy PoarchDeputy Poarch (right) was one of 35 public safety heroes recognized for their bravery, quick thinking and life-saving actions.

On November 3, Deputy Poarch was working a shift at the Booking post. During his shift, an Alexandria police officer brought in an arrestee who had been charged with Domestic Assault and battery and Drunk in Public. The subject was very intoxicated and was placed in a cell until he could sober up. Once the inmate was sober, the booking process could be completed.

After placing him in the cell, Deputy Poarch began to processing paper work while keeping an eye on the subject through the security monitors.  The subject was visibly upset and could be seen pacing around the cell. Eventually, the inmate laid down on the cell’s bed and appeared to be going to sleep. Deputy Poarch continued to complete the subject’s paper work and when he looked up again, just a few minutes later, he observed the subject laying face-down on the floor of the cell.

Deputy Poarch ran to the cell. He found that the subject had tied his shirt around his neck and tightened it until he had lost consciousness. Deputy Poarch immediately radioed for medical staff and additional security staff and removed the shirt from around the subject’s neck. The subject remained unresponsive. Just then, medical staff arrived and were able to revive the subject, who was then treated with full suicide precaution procedures.

Due to Deputy Poarch’s observation skills and quick action in responding to the incident, the subject did not sustain any serious injury and survived to get the help he needed. For his response in this incident, Deputy Poarch received a Life Saving Award.

Several members of the Sheriff's Office attended the Valor Awards and some participated in the ceremony itself, including Deputy Kevin Brown who sang the National Anthem.

To learn more about other honorees and the challenging circumstances they encountered and to view the Valor Awards ceremony, visit the City's 2014 Valor Awards page.