Sheriff’s Office and Partners Team up for Sticker Shock

Shocking to think adults would buy alcohol for anyone underage! To discourage adults from doing just that, the Sheriff’s Office teamed up with Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria (SAPCA) for Project Sticker Shock, an educational campaign alerting adults to the dangers and legal consequences of buying alcohol for anyone under 21.

Page updated on Nov 18, 2016 at 9:20 AM

Project Sticker Shock Wait StickerOn Saturday, November 5, Deputy Valarie Wright participated in the Project Sticker Shock kickoff press conference outside the Alexandria Community Services Board offices. Audience members heard from students and from law enforcement officials about the devastating results of underage drinking and of alcohol-impaired driving.

Following the press conference, Deputy Wright, Sheriff's Office volunteer Courtney Booterbaugh and other adults accompanied students to dozens of stores throughout Alexandria where they placed brightly-colored warning stickers on multi-packs of alcohol to remind adults it is illegal to purchase alcohol for anyone underage. With approval from store managers, JROTC students from T.C. Williams (below) stickered hundreds of multi-packs of beer and wine coolers.

Virginia ABC and the City’s Police, Recreation, Community and Human Services departments also participated in this year’s campaign. To learn more about the risks of underage drinking, visit SAPCA’s site and Virginia ABC’s Project Sticker Shock page.

2016 ASO Sticker Shock