Jury Duty Phone Scam Targets Area Residents

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office is aware of a telephone scam targeting residents who are told they have missed jury duty and must immediately pay a fine.

Page updated on Sep 8, 2017 at 4:37 PM

Phone Scam AlertSeveral area residents have reported receiving phone calls from someone falsely claiming to be a deputy sheriff from the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office or from another local law enforcement agency. In this scam, the caller claims that the intended victim failed to report for jury duty and must immediately pay a fine or they will be arrested. The caller will attempt to obtain personal information, credit card information and/or bank account details.

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office does not make such calls and will never request payment over the phone. The Alexandria Courts will never call someone to notify them of jury duty or of a failure to appear for service, as all of their initial correspondence is done via first class mail.

If you receive such a call, immediately hang up. Do not provide the caller with any information and do not answer any questions, even if they threaten you with arrest.

Should you have any concerns, you may call the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office at 703.746.4114 to verify if a deputy made such a call. If you are a victim of this scam and have been defrauded of money, please report it to the Alexandria Police Department by calling 703.746.4444.

For more information about jury service scams, visit National Center for State Courts and download this flyer.