Mission and Core Values

Our Core Values are principles or beliefs that guide our Office both internally and externally and allow us to fulfill our Mission. They are non-negotiable and serve as our foundation for excellence.

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It is the mission of the Alexandria Sheriff's Office to protect the life and property of our citizens and those placed in our custody and to provide quality services to the people of the City of Alexandria. We will serve our community with honor, integrity, and compassion, and will fulfill, with dedication to excellence, all legal mandates prescribed by our federal, state, and local governments.


We believe integrity is central to everything we do and is the key to maintaining the trust of our citizens, colleagues, and criminal justice partners. 


  • We are truthful in all of our dealings with citizens, colleagues and clients.
  • We model positive behavior.
  • We observe the highest moral and ethical principles.
  • We uphold the U.S. and Commonwealth of Virginia Constitutions.
  • We observe Federal, State, and local laws.
  • We are consistent in our actions, values, expectations, and outcomes.


We value human life above all else. 


  • We only use reasonable force to accomplish our mission.
  • We always give priority to situations that place human life in jeopardy.
  • We strive to improve the lives of those we serve.
  • We are compassionate in the discharge of our duties.
  • We look for ways to make life better for our community and our nation.


We protect the dignity of others.


  • We esteem others regardless of their race, sex, religious beliefs, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.
  • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We recognize and support the needs and rights of our citizens, clients, and each other.
  • We believe that courtesy, understanding, honesty, transparency, personal accountability, and empathy at all levels earn and maintain respect.
  • We encourage a work environment where everyone feels valued and is a part of a team performing the important work of the Office.


We strive to do the best we can in everything we do.


  • We strive to recruit and employ the best people.
  • We provide opportunities to staff that will allow them to achieve their greatest potential.
  • We meet nationally recognized professional standards.
  • We encourage responsible risk taking.
  • We learn from our failures and move on.
  • We promote training and education of our staff.
  • We encourage new ideas and challenge conventional thinking.
  • We seek to employ  the best available resources to allow us to successfully perform our mission and attract and train the best people.
  • We push ourselves and others to achieve excellence.


We are competent, compassionate people who perform an extremely valuable service, often under challenging circumstances.


  • We take pride in our accomplishments.
  • We celebrate the accomplishments of others.
  • We value and build upon our relationships with each other.
  • We attempt to strike a balance between our personal and professional lives.
  • We are reliable and disciplined.
  • We encourage and support each other.
  • We have a positive attitude.


We celebrate and embrace diversity.  We recognize that our employees are our most valued asset and that in diversity there is strength.


  • We strive to have a workforce reflective of the demographics of the citizens we serve.
  • We respect personal differences and values, and embrace them.
  • We demonstrate empathy in our dealings with colleagues, clients and citizens.
  • We actively seek to understand the views of others.
  • We offer opportunities to all, regardless of one's race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs (or non-beliefs), or views.
  • We recognize that the needs of others are important.


We give of ourselves to make life better for others.  Serving others shows that we care.


  • We look for opportunities to contribute to our community.
  • We strive every day to make our actions count for good.
  • We work not for the glory, but for the satisfaction of helping others.
  • We are selfless in our devotion to our duty.
  • We actively participate in projects that benefit the City and its citizens.
  • We are good neighbors.


We are accountable to our colleagues and the citizens we serve, who are the source of our considerable authority.


  • We take ownership of our actions.
  • We pledge to hold ourselves to the highest level of ethical standards.
  • We thoroughly investigate allegations of misconduct against our staff.
  • We manage our resources efficiently and effectively.
  • We understand that actions that compromise our position of public trust cannot be tolerated.



Our Motto:

Community, Compassion & Commitment