Correctional Services Advisory Board

The Alexandria Sheriff's Office's Correctional Services Advisory Board (CSAB) is a citizen-based body that advises, supports and assists in the coordination of community resources that benefit individuals incarcerated in the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center.

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Specifically, the CSAB assists the Sheriff in:

  • Developing programs in the Detention Center in cooperation with the Alexandria community;
  • Mobilizing and coordinating relevant community resources in a concerted attack on the problems related to the delivery of programs in a local correctional setting;
  • Planning, developing and assisting in the implementation of programs and services that benefit the inmates of the Detention Center;
  • Educating the community regarding program and service needs of Detention Center inmates; and
  • Performing other duties in support of inmate programming in the Detention Center.


Appointment is made by the Sheriff upon recommendation of the CSAB and where applicable, sponsoring agency. Board members may be public citizen volunteers or representatives from an Alexandria civic, business, professional and/or community action organizations. The term membership is open; Board members serve with no definitive termination date. Current CSAB members include Chair Amy Reed, Maryanne Beatty, Rose Marie Davis, Rebecca Harrison, Janice McLean, Jay Palermino, Jessica Rodgers, Michael Strutzel, Megan Thomas and Fernando Torrez.


Board membership requires approximately 2-3 hours per month, generally concentrated at the monthly CSAB meetings usually held the first Tuesday of each month at 8 a.m. in the administrative offices of the Alexandria Sheriff's Office at 2003 Mill Road.


For more information on Board membership or the CSAB, email CSAB Chair Amy Reed or call Inmate Services at 703.746.5075.

CSAB Meeting