Administrative Services Bureau

The Administrative Services Bureau reports to Chief Deputy Robyn Nichols and includes the Fiscal Management Section, Human Resources Section and Technical Services Section as well as Internal Investigations.

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Chief Deputy Robyn NicholsChief Deputy Robyn Nichols (right) commands the Administrative Services Bureau and Captain Sean Casey serves as Assistant Commander.

Chief Financial Officer Cicely Woodrow and her staff oversee the Office’s financial matters, including development and management of the annual budget, purchasing, management of inmate accounts, federal and state reimbursement, and other fiscal responsibilities.

The Human Resources Section, overseen by Director Chris Whelan, handles functions such as recruitment and hiring of sworn deputies and civilian staff, training, and staff retention. The Section also provides administrative and clerical support to the Sheriff and Sheriff’s Office staff.

The Technical Services Section, overseen by Director David Nye, is responsible for information and technology operations and management of the Office’s fleet, uniforms and equipment. The section also coordinates the Office’s public information, social media and community outreach functions and manages the agency’s written directives and participation in law enforcement and corrections accreditation programs.

Maintaining Our Integrity

Administrative Services is also responsible for conducting all investigations of alleged staff misconduct. The internal affairs function helps uphold the Office’s high standards of integrity and dedication to duty, and involves the swift and effective investigation of all citizen complaints and allegations of improper action. This important responsibility is accomplished by our Internal Investigations Deputy. Recent data on types and dispositions of investigations is available online.