Library Services for Inmates

Inmates at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center have access to a small law library and also to a collection of popular novels, self-help books, literary classics and a variety of non-fiction books through the inmate leisure library.

Page updated on Sep 19, 2017 at 12:21 PM

Inmate Library BooksThe leisure library has more than 3,000 books, including recent best sellers, reference books, suspense novels, histories, personal improvement titles, and some published in foreign languages. Inmates may select books from carts placed in their housing units for their enjoyment and enrichment.

Recently, Kammie Stubblefield (below) joined the Inmate Services team to serve as the part-time librarian. She maintains the collection, tries to identify additional books that would be of interest to the inmates, and works with community partners to add new titles.

Through a partnership with the Alexandria City Public Library and the Friends of the Beatley Central Library, the Sheriff’s Office has been able to obtain books for free, thanks to people who donate books to the library for charitable purposes.

The Sheriff’s Office seeks donated books in very good condition that will last longer but because of security regulations at the jail, no hardback books can be accepted.

If you want to donate softback books to the inmate library, please contact Ms. Stubblefield by email at

Librarian Kammie Stubblefield