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Ethonal Project Update

  • To: Jannine Pennell
  • Subject: Ethonal Project Update
  • From: Duane Perry
  • Date: 10 Aug 2006 08:23:44
  • Bcc:
  • Cc: Bob Luckett; William Coates; Maurice Jones; Arthur Dahlberg

Mrs. Pennell,

On Wednesday at 1000 hrs, I and Art met with a small Army of folks from Nolfork-Southern Railroad to discussed the proposed Ethanol transfer facility. The meeting started with a brief program overview of the operations from Nolfork-Southern. Director Dahlberg started the City's discussion by addressing the possible impact on various City communities. Items such as noise, environmental problems and fires hazards were discussed. Director Dahlberg recommended that Nolfork-Southern conduct community outreach in three phases; phase 1 would be community notification, phase 2 would be to received concerns from the citizens and phase 3 would be to address the presented concerns. Also, specific items were identified and discussed with regards to the security and fire safety. Those items included the following:

a. Concrete dikes will be constructed to hold a total of three cars and tanker vehicle. The dike will be designed for a total capacity of  135, 000 gallons. Tank vehicles would have access by a ramp system.

b. All spillage will be captured within the diked area. Spill/drip pans will be used and placed under each connection.

c. The proposed fire hydrant system was relocated outside the containment area. The proposed location is satisfactory, however an additional fire hydrant was requested to be installed at the main entrance. Norfolk Southern was requested to present all plans and specifications to Supervisor Jones for review and approval.

d. Fire Extinguishers will be placed 100'  feet apart with two large wheeled fire extinguishers, 1 at each end of the diked area.

e. Director Dahlberg also discussed the possibility of stock piling foam on site to address a possible flammable liquid fire. The exact amount would be determine once the exact number rails cars is determined and discussed with our Hazmat Team.

f Security fencing shall be installed around the entire property. The main gate will be fitted with a large Knox box containing all necessary information and Knox pad locks will be provided at all gates.

g. Nolfork-Southern will provide around the clock security personnel on site.

h. A response and operation plan will be developed and reviewed with first responders. IN addition, Nolfork-Southern will provide on-site, hands on training for emergency personnel. (include Arlington and Fairfax)

i All electrical components sill be provided or equipped to meet the electrical requirements of NFPA 70. This standard addresses the concerns over static electricity and the requirements for bonding and grounding. Nolfork-Southern agreed to all requirements and will also provide a Scully system. A Scully system will prevent the transfer of flammable liquid if the ground is not obtained and will stop the system if the ground is lost.

k. A vapor recovery system will be in place. All vapors within a tank vehicle will be transferred back into the rail car and then removed from the site. The entire transfer system will be an enclosed system. All connections will be provided with "Dry Fitting" connections. No drips or leaks.

l. Nolfork-Southern will also be obtaining an annual hazardous use permit. The permit will allow yearly entry and inspection of the facility.

m. A brief discussion was held on the possibility of portable master streams. The feasibility  will be explored once they have determine how much water is available and on site.

Once Nolfork-Southern has completed thier analysis of the site and digested the aboved information a second meeting will be scheduled.

Duane T. Perry
Deputy Fire Marshal III
Alexandria Fire Department
Code Enforcement Bureau
301 King Street, Room 4200
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
703-519-3300, ext 111