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Re: Reminder

Hello Chief:
As it would happen I prepared the report at home last evening however I cannot open the file this am.. so please accept this email as a substitute.
The ethanol facility at 1000 Metro Road is a transfer station with a capacity of 20 rail cars which will transload to tanker trucks for delivery to several petroleum terminals in the Northern Virginia market.
An inspection was performed to ensure that the facility complies with the 2003 Statewide Fire Prevention Code as it applies to this operation. The bulk of the specific requirements for compliance come from section 3406 of the Fire Code.
Generally speaking speaking the facility is located in compliance with the code. It is properly fenced and marked. There are a minimum of two attendants onsite during the operation. The Rail cars are brought into a transloading area within Norfolk Southerns Rail yard and secured within a diked area which is fenced in. The Rail cars are unloaded from the bottom and pumped through an Ethanol Tranfer Sytem which is designed for Class 1 Division 2 atmospheres per the NEC requirements and the requirements of table 3403.1.1 of the Fire Code. The product is then pumped into tanker trucks using a dry disconnect fitting in compliance with section 3406. The Ethanol Transfer system has a built in shutoff control to prevent overfill and bond and ground monitoring system. According to the facility manager the rails are themselves grounded to comply with section 3406.5.1.7 of the fire code. I have asked for grounding details to be provided to this shop for review.
Secondary containment is in place for the facility, However it is unclear weather the containment provides sufficient capacity for all of the potential product being stored within the area. I have asked for the terminal manager to provide specifics regarding this.
The Front gate has been provided with Knox locks and keys (by John North) to provide suppresion units with access to the roughly 1500 gallons of provided foam in the trailer by the front gate. It is unclear weather our suppression units have the nozzles and appurtenance neccesary to apply this product on our trucks.    
Fire Hydrants have been installed along the west side of the tracks however these hydrants have not been flushed and or finalled by our department. I am working to schedule this ASAP.
There are also eywash stations located throughout the facility and a Hazard Communication program in place. MSDS sheets for the Foam have not been included and have been requested. A comprehensive Fire safetuy and Evacuation plan is under development per section 404 and must be reviewed and approved.
This is a rather quick review based on the notice and conditions observed. I am working with Mr. Tony Rosenthal of RSI logistics to provide a fully comprehensive list an dreview of the facility. I will continue to closely with him..
Jim Sullivan
Deputy Fire Marshal
Alexandria, Va. 22314
(703) 519-3300 ext 125  

-----Robert Rodriguez wrote: -----

To: Jim Sullivan
From: Robert Rodriguez
Date: 04/29/2008 08:13AM
Subject: Reminder

I need the NS report this morning.


Robert B. Rodriguez
Chief Fire Marshal
Alexandria Fire Department / Code Enforcement
301 King Street, Room 4200
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

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