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Fw: Norfolk Southern

  • To: Ignacio Pessoa
  • Subject: Fw: Norfolk Southern
  • From: Adam Thiel
  • Date: 16 Jan 2008 10:46:38
  • Bcc:
  • Cc:

As discussed...

Adam K. Thiel
Fire Chief
Alexandria Fire Department
900 Second Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.838.4600
Fax: 703.548.6952

----- Forwarded by Adam Thiel on 01/16/2008 10:45 AM -----
John North

01/10/2008 07:42 AM

"Rudner, Glen" <>
Adam Thiel
Re: FW: Norfolk SouthernLink

Thanks for allowing me to respond before forwarding this on. These discussions are being handled at the department head level. I would request that you take no action at this time until requested to do so by the Fire Chief. I will forward your e-mail to Chief Thiel and make him aware of this.  


John W. North
Battalion Chief
Special Operations
Office (703) 838-4600
Cell (571) 238-0991

"Rudner, Glen" <>

01/09/2008 06:10 PM

"North, John" <>
FW: Norfolk Southern

Before I forward this to Charlie, it seems that there may be a communications issue within the City or with Charlie. Any comment? I am here to help and Charlie?s emails stated that there was some issues.

From: Williams, Paul B []
Wednesday, January 09, 2008 4:14 PM
Oertly, William J; Rudner, Glen
Schoendorfer, David L.; Oertly, William J
RE: Norfolk Southern

            The NS Safety & Environmental Groups have been actively working with the City of Alexandria Fire Marshall?s Office for over a year.  We have met with them twice at the site to show them where the transloading will occur and where the office trailer will be located.  We have asked them where they would like the ?Knox? box located so that they will have a key to the facility.  NS has agreed to have our contractor provide 1,600 gallons of alcohol resistant foam on-site (in 5 gallon containers), a cart to haul to foam to the cars, and a heated storage building to house the foam.  We have recently completed the installation of a new water main and several new fire hydrants in the facility.  We even consulted the Fire Marshall?s Office on where they wanted the foam storage building located on our lot.  We are currently working with our contractor to arrange to have several members of the Fire Marshall?s Office (at their request) tour the Baltimore ethanol facility currently being operated by the same contractor.  This is supposed to take place in January.  I have also offered the head of the City?s Haz Mat group a free scholarship to Pueblo in April of this year.
            It sounds to me like the various agencies within the City are not communicating with each other.  I do not know what else NS could do to be more accommodating or provide more information.  
Paul B. Williams
Asst. Mgr., Hazardous Materials
Norfolk Southern Railway
110 Franklin St., SE, Box 13
Roanoke, Va 24042
Phone:   540-855-6942
Fax:       540-855-6472

From: Oertly, William J
Wednesday, January 02, 2008 8:50 AM
Williams, Paul B; Clark, EM
RE: Norfolk Southern

Paul Williams has been involved with this and I know that he has been to multiple meeting with the city about it.  The real estate and marketing departments have the primary responsibility for the facility but I do not know who the contacts are with them.  I will forward your message to Paul since he is more familiar with what is going on.  He is on vacation until Monday and will get back to you when he returns.

From: []
Saturday, December 29, 2007 8:53 PM
Norfolk Southern

Dave and Bill,

I have recieved a rather disconcerting letter from Alexandria. There is a general concern by the Fire Department and Code Enforcement Office that NS is not being very cooperative with regard to the construction and use of the Ethanol Transfer Facility. They are claiming that they are having difficulty in gaining information from NS.

Can you assist me with opening up the line of  communications with them? I have received two emails from Charlie McRorie asking for my help.

Thanks for the help. You can reach me anytime and here is my new email that goes to my Blackberry

Glen Rudner
Virginia Department of Emergency Management

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