Waterfront Plan

The Waterfront Plan, approved by the City Council in January 2012, is a 20-30 year vision for the area extending from Third Street (Tidelock Park) on the north to Wolfe Street (Shipyard/Harborside Park) on the south. The Phase I landscape and flood mitigation design for implementation of the Waterfront Plan was approved on June 14, 2014 by the City Council.

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On January 21, 2012, the Alexandria City Council voted 5-2 to approve the Waterfront Small Area Plan. and Waterfront zoning changes. The Plan provides a framework for revitalizing Alexandria's waterfront through several means, including: incorporating Alexandria's history as a foundation for planning and design, expanding and enhancing public open spaces, improving public access and connectivity, promoting the waterfront as an arts and cultural destination, ensuring compatible development.

On February 25, 2012, City Council voted to approve the ordinance (No. 4749) to incorporate the Waterfront Small Area Plan into the City's Master Plan. A second ordinance required to implement the proposed waterfront zoning code was approved on March 16, 2013.

Waterfront Plan Implementation

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Waterfront Schematic Landscape and Flood Mitigation Design

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Waterfront Text Amendment 

The following is additional information related to the W-1 zone text amendment:

Art and History Implementation Committee Report

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Planning Area & Goals

Strand Perspective
  • Waterfront plan area - The Waterfront Plan will cover the area from Jones Point Park (where the National Park Service has completed its planning) in the south to Daingerfield Island in the north; approximately, by Union Street (south of Queen Street) and Fairfax Street (north of Queen Street) to the west, and then Bashford Lane out to the George Washington Memorial Parkway north to Daingerfield Island.
  • Waterfront Plan Goals 

Public Process

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The passionate, broad, and high level of interest in this project throughout the Alexandria community has underscored the need for a public process that is as inclusive as possible. Throughout the process, City staff has engaged stakeholders through:

  • Informational meetings to identify existing conditions, study other nationally and internationally successful waterfronts, and identify potential opportunities and constraints;
  • Interactive meetings to enable interested parties and groups to share their ideas for the Waterfront Plan;
  • A series of community workshops to establish values, principles and options for the Waterfront plan; and
  • Walking and boat tours of Alexandria Waterfront and waterfronts in other cities.

The City thanks all interested parties for their past and continued participation to the planning process.

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