Public Space Improvements

Public space design improvements have begun with a Waterfront Landscape and Flood Mitigation Design Project underway for the Waterfront.

Page updated on Nov 15, 2017 at 5:44 PM

Phase I Landscape and Flood Mitigation Design

Update:  Art and History Report - The Waterfront SAP includes both the Art and History Plans developed by representatives of the Alexandria Art Community and the History Community. Subsequent to City Council approval of the Waterfront SAP, representatives of the groups who wrote the Art and History Plans, convened a Committee to merge recommendations from their two Plans into this Report to help facilitate implementation of the Art and History Plans. The Report was shared by the City with The Olin Studio, and the City.  The City and The Olin Studio worked with the authors on implementing the site specific recommendations into the Phase I design approved by the City Council in June 2014. This is a PowerPoint presentation of the Art/History Implementation Committee Report 

Update: King Street and The Strand Flood Mitigation Project : The King Street and The Strand Flood Mitigation Project was completed in late 2014.  It entails installation of backflow devices, which are used to help lessen nuisance flooding caused by tidal backup in the storm sewer system

Update:  2013 Waterfront Dock & Marina Maintenance & Repair Assessment Completed Report - The Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities Department has completed an above ground and underwater assessment of the current conditions of the Marina to determine immediate, mid- and long-term repair needs, utilizing Michael Baker Corporation as the consultant. The Baker Corporation presented its findings to the Waterfront Commission's Marina Committee in a public meeting in June 2013 and then those findings were subsequently shared with the full Waterfront Commission.  

Staff is working with the Waterfront Commission Marina Committee to prioritize the recommendations in the Report.  As of late spring/early summer 2014, several of the short and mid- term recommended improvements such as new fencing and stabilization of the deck in front of the Torpedo Factory are completed or underway.  Recommendations which may not be of a security or safety nature will be considered as part of the Waterfront SAP implementation process.  Click above to see the completed report for more information.  

Update:  Windmill Hill Bulkhead Replacement Draft Scope of Work Summary  The City has selected a consultant in late 2014 to assist with planning and design services relating to this project.  The process will include community participation starting early in 2015.  Meanwhile, a safety fence has been installed around the bulkhead; the design of the fence went through an extensive community input process culminating in City Council decision on the nautical design during the November 17, 2012 City Council Public Hearing.