Robinson Terminal North

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Robinson Terminal North

Recent News

October 17, 2013 Public Presentation by Contract Purchasers of the Washington Post - On September 21, 2013, the Washington Post and other media reported that the Washington Post has selected purchasers for the two Robinson Terminal Warehouse sites. Read here for the Washington Post story identifying the contract purchasers. On Thursday, October 17, 2013, the Waterfront Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission held a public meeting where they received a presentation from the contract purchasers of both sites. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce the public to the teams for both sites. Both teams are still in their due diligence period with the Washington Post.  

The Post identified the buyer of the northern warehouse as City Interests, a Washington DC real estate development firm, and Armade Hoffler   


RTN ExistingRobinson Terminal North, was owned was owned by the Washington Post and recently put up for purchase, is bisected by Union Street and currently consists of warehouses, a nearly 40,000 square foot pier, and the terminus of a rail line. Redevelopment of the site has been envisioned for several decades.

A goal of the Waterfront Small Area Plan is to promote public access and enjoyment of the waterfront, therefore, land uses in the redeveloped Robinson Terminal North site should be active and welcoming to the public, particularly on the eastern, waterside portion of the site. The existing deep water pier would be retained to continue to accommodate larger ships and, more importantly, to be opened for use of the public. To further reinforce this concept, Pendleton Street would be extended as a waterside promenade along the south shore of Oronoco Bay and then out into the Potomac River to meet the pier. Views from here would also capture the monumental core of Washington, DC and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and thus become a significant waterfront destination. Additionally, the Robinson Terminal federal government settlement agreement requires open public access on the river side of this property.

Because the property is located on one of the most historically significant sites in the City - where Virginis tobacco was readied for shipment at West's Point and where Alexandria originated - redevelopment proposals must make a special effort to find opportunities to recall or interpret the site's history in the design and function of the project and its surroundings. History should inform every decision about uses, activities, structures, plantings, architecture and design, names, and programming. 

Active public uses envisioned in the Waterfront Small Area Plan are publicly-welcoming uses including restaurants, retail, cultural institutions, or a boutique hotel. A boutique hotel is preferred along the eastern portion of the site because it is most compatible with the plan's visions for Oronoco Bay Park, the active use of the adjacent pier, and its relatively low parking requirement.



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