Robinson Terminal South

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Robinson Terminal South

Recent News

October 17, 2013 Public Presentation by Contract Purchasers of the Washington Post - On September 21, 2013, the Washington Post and other media reported that the Washington Post has selected purchasers for the two Robinson Terminal Warehouse sites. Read here for the Washington Post story identifying the contract purchasers. On Thursday, October 17, 2013, the Waterfront Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission held a public meeting where they received a presentation from the contract purchasers of both sites. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce the public to the teams for both sites. Both teams are still in their due diligence period with the Washington Post.  

The Post identified they buyer of the southern warehouse as EYA/JBG. 



RTS ExisitingThe block between Duke and Wolfe Street is now occupied by Robinson Terminal South and consists of two parcels totaling approximately 130,000 square feet of lot area. Currently the site contains warehouses (including a historic and very attractive historic brick building at 2 Duke Street) and an approximately 15,000 square foot pier with deep water access.

The property is located on one of the most historically significant site in the City, and redevelopment proposals must make a special effort to find opportunities to recall or interpret the site's history in the design and function of the project and its surroundings. The southern point of the City's original shoreline can be found on this property at Duke Street and the water's edge with the northern point at the West's Point site at Oronoco Street and the water's edge. History should inform every decision about uses, activities, structures, plantings, architecture and design, names, and programming. Robinson Terminal South's location in relation to the northern-adjacent sites, included the expanded Point Lumley Park and potential Cummings/Turner redevelopment area creates a unique opportunity to implement a coordinated design strategy which illustrates the significance of Point Lumley and which is compatible in nature with the scale and character of the surrounding Old Town neighborhood.  


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