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601 N. Fairfax Street - The Oronoco Residential Project

The Oronoco EYA, a development firm based in the Washington Metropolitan area, has built several urban-style residential properties in Alexandria and in 2011 acquired the Sheet Metal Workers Office Building at 601 N. Fairfax Street (northeast corner of North Fairfax and Pendleton Streets). It is converting the building from office to residential use with 60 large condominium units, primarily two and three bedrooms with terraces and common amenities such as a pool and concierge service. EYA has posted a video related to The Oronoco.  

A Pre-construction and Community Meeting was held on this project by EYA on July 24, 2012, 5:30 PM in The Oronoco Sales Office, 119 Oronoco Street, and on September 18, 2012, EYA presented an update on the project to the Waterfront Commission. All Waterfront Commission meetings are open to the public. Conversion of the building began in late 2012 and is anticipated to continue through 2013, with occupancy in early 2014. No change is required to the building’s overall envelop; therefore, neither a site plan nor Special Use Permit is required, however, conversion of the building did require regular staff administrative approval of a grading plan and building permits.  

EYA has committed to contributing $25,000 towards the Art Walk which is a recommendation within the Waterfront SAP to create an artistic experience as one walks along the Waterfront.  

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The Beachcombers Restaurant

Beachcomber Original The Beachcombers Restaurant, built in the mid-20th century, is a 3,630 square foot former restaurant building that was constructed over water at the corner of The Strand and Prince Street. Over time the water around the building was filled in, in part with the excess from a concrete business located adjacent to this building. The building operated as a restaurant for only a few years and later became a gun shop and military surplus store for the next 50 years. There is interest in the public and the private sectors in restoring the building and accordingly a recommendation to restore it is included in the Waterfront SAP if the use is found to be economically viable. To explore this possibility further, the City Council on September 27, 2012 approved issuance of a Request for Proposals ( RFP) for The Beachcombers Restaurant. The RFP was issued on February 28, 2013 and closed on June 15, 2013. Three proposals were subsequently received by the City, and the Department of General Services, as the lead on this project, is anticipated to identify next steps in the review and selection processes shortly.  


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The Food Court

In September 2013, an special use permit application was submitted to the city to operate a restaurant at the former Torpedo Factory Food Court Pavilion. The applicant, Blackwall Hitch Alexandria, LLC., is requesting to operate a restaurant with 255 indoor seats, 135 outdoor seats along the rear deck, and 60 solarium/outdoor seats along the marina. The special use permit is docketed for the December Planning Commission and City Council public hearings. For additional information about the project including the application and staff report, please check the respective hearing dockets above.