Ad Hoc Monitoring Indigo Hotel Neighborhood Notification Letters

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Neighborhood Notification Letters

Neighborhood Notification Letter (April 22, 2016)
With the welcoming of warmer weather, construction of the Hotel Indigo has continued at a steady pace.  The basement walls and slab are now fully poured, the ramp is being framed, and the first of four Level 1 concrete pours is complete.  As such, the groundwater dewatering system has been turned off and is in the process of being dismantled, while vertical construction above grade proceeds.  Within the next two weeks, the Level 1 concrete will be fully poured, and framing of Level 2 will be underway.  This Level 2 slab serves as the “podium,” above which the hotel is constructed of load-bearing metal stud walls with a concrete slab on metal deck.  The referenced metal stud walls arrive panelized and are hoisted into place by the crane in order to support the structure above.  Therefore, following the completion of Level 2 in mid-May, you can expect to see the building take shape as exterior and interior walls are quickly and sequentially framed.

Neighborhood Notification Letter (February 18, 2016)

Despite the recent weather, the auger cast pile work is now complete and the temporary ramp into the excavation has been removed. Likewise, the concrete contractor has mobilized and begun pouring pile caps and the garage mat, while the plumbing and electrical contractors have started the installation of underslab piping. Consequently, the tower crane foundation has been poured, and the erection of the crane will commence on Monday, February 22nd. Erection of the crane will be accomplished with the use of a mobile crane at the site’s fence line on Duke Street.

Neighborhood Notification Letter (February 1, 2016)

As referenced last month, the auger cast pile installation commenced in mid-January and is on schedule to be completed this week. Therefore, the concrete subcontractor will mobilize to the project within the week in order to commence forming and pouring the concrete pile caps along with the tower crane foundation. Erection of the tower crane will follow by mid-February in advance of the basement slab pours. In conjunction with the start of concrete activities, the plumbing and electrical contractors will also begin installation of underslab utilities alongside the installation of the foundation waterproofing. 

Neighborhood Notification Letter (January 5, 2016)

During the month of December excavation of the site was substantially completed, a stone pad was placed across the majority of the building sub-grade, installation of the underground electrical duct-bank was completed, and a covered pedestrian walkway was constructed in order to re-open the South Union Street sidewalk.  As these activities progressed, archaeological monitoring continued and yielded the discovery of a large 18th century privy that may correspond with the 1755 Carlyle Public Warehouse previously excavated.  In addition, remnants of a ship apparently scuttled in the late 18th century, which Alexandria Archaeology describes as the partial “hull of a fifty-foot vessel”, were also exposed as the building excavation approached sub-grade.  Both features were significant discoveries and necessitated substantial field work and research.  Following the remaining 3D laser scanning, photographs and measurements of the ship this week, the field work will culminate with the dismantling and relocation of the ship’s wooden members to a wet environment to allow for future study and possible conservation by the City.

Neighborhood Notification Letter (November 24, 2015)

The installation of the steel piles for the support of excavation is complete ahead of schedule, less two (2) piles that are being coordinated with adjacent activities.  These final two (2) piles are anticipated to be installed during a window of less than 2-hours next week.  Therefore, with the completion of this work and the underpinning at the north property line, the remaining excavation to garage subgrade will continue on Monday, November 30th.  This excavation is expected to be substantially complete within 2-3 weeks, and will be followed by the installation of the drilled foundation system – auger pressure grouted (APG) piles.

Neighborhood Notification Letter (November 6, 2015)

Activities at the project site have continued per the last update with installation of the buried electrical ductbank now complete in Duke Street and trenching continuing north on The Strand between the previously placed manholes. Likewise, underpinning has continued at the north property line concurrent with archaeological activities throughout the site.

Neighborhood Notification Letter (October 26, 2015)

Archaeological field work continues within the site, while the electrical ductbank installation progresses at Strand Street. Under the oversight of Alexandria Archaeology, the majority of the archaeological activity is anticipated to draw to a close following the next two to three weeks of investigation. Concurrent with this ongoing documentation, underpinning along the north property line continues and the site has been prepared to receive a layer of stone to facilitate movement of equipment for the installation of piles in November. The pile installation for the support of excavation is currently scheduled to begin during the week of November 9th.

Neighborhood Notification letter (October 13, 2015)

Work continues at the site with current activities including archaeological field work, electrical ductbank installation and removal of spoils.  These activities will persist through the next few weeks, as the archaeological field work, which includes surveying, studying the stratigraphy, and collecting samples for lab analysis, is anticipated to persist through the end of the month. 

Neighborhood Notification letter (September 28, 2015)

Since our last update, the new electrical ductbank (buried conduit) has been installed within South Union Street, which involved excavating below existing utilities from the first pole south of Duke Street to the respective intersection.  Conduits were placed, encased with concrete, and the trench was backfilled with stone.  

Neighborhood Notification Letter (September 3, 2015)

The warehouse at 220 South Union Street has been demolished and the debris hauled away.  Concurrent with this demolition, baseline surveys were established, utility work within the roadways began, and the installation of dewatering well points commenced.  The utility work performed thus far has included the layout and sawcutting of asphalt for the electrical ductbank, as well as test pitting and initial excavations for two associated manhole structures at Strand Street to ensure conflicts with existing utilities – particularly those that are abandoned and undocumented – are mitigated.

Neighborhood Notification Letter (August 14, 2015)

Clark Construction Group (Clark) mobilized to the project site per the last update, and have since erected temporary safety fencing and started utility activities within Duke Street and The Strand. Building demolition will now begin next week behind the safety fence, as the utility work continues.  

Neighborhood Notification Letter (July 31, 2015)

As noted in the last update, work is now commencing with the mobilization of Clark Construction Group (Clark) on Monday, August 3. During the course of the ensuing week, Clark will erect the temporary construction fence at the perimeter of the site, as well as install project and safety signage in preparation for demolition.

Neighborhood Notification Letter (July 16, 2015)

The final site plan for the Carr (Indigo) Hotel property at 220 South Union Street has been approved and released by the City, as well as the grading plan for 210 The Strand.  Carr applied for and received an asbestos abatement permit.  Non-friable asbestos has been removed from the main building at 220 S. Union Street, and is scheduled to be removed from the small building at 210 The Strand during the week of July 20th.  All asbestos abatement for the respective buildings will be completed prior to demolition.  The first visible activity will be electrical under grounding work on Union Street and the Strand.  

Notice to Neighbors Concerning Construction Related to the Indigo Hotel at 220 S. Union St. & Demolition of the Yacht Building at 210 Strand St.

Carr Hospitality is constructing the Indigo Hotel at 220 S. Union St. and performing related demolition work at 210 Strand St. This notice provides points of contact for the project and a brief overview of some of the regulations required to be followed by the contractor and developer. Complaints about unauthorized worker parking or after-hours work time should be reported directly to the Alexandria Police Department's 24-hour non-emergency number: 703.746.4444.