Definitions for Snow Removal from City Streets

Learn the meaning of specific terms used to define conditions of City roads and throughways and the difference between the various conditions.

Page updated on Jan 16, 2022 at 9:14 PM

Roads Closed

Streets are accessible to emergency vehicles only. All other vehicles should stay off the roads, as conditions are unsafe for driving.

Snow covered

Street is covered with snow.


Street may have been plowed (possibly one lane only) but may have only been treated. Snowy or icy spots remain and the street will require additional plowing. Drivers should use caution and limit driving to essential trips.


Snow has been pushed to the sides of the street, leaving visible snow, or cleared down to blacktop, with running water visible. Streets are also treated with salt. Drivers should continue to use caution and expect icy spots and/or snow.

Snow Emergency Route

Any road where stopping and parking are not permitted during snow emergencies in order to maintain the flow of traffic for public safety purposes and to permit snow plows unimpeded access to the roadway.  If your vehicle is parked on a snow emergency route during a winter weather event it should be moved immediately.  Vehicles remaining after a snow emergency is declared may be towed at the owner’s expense.  If a snow emergency is declared, it will be indicated at Snow emergency routes are posted with red and white signs, and listed in the City Code:

  • King Street from Union Street to the western city limit
  • Washington Street from city limit to city limit
  • Duke Street from Washington Street to the western city limit
  • U.S. Route No. 1 from city limit to city limit
  • Braddock Road from North West Street to Beauregard Street
  • Howard Street from Braddock Road to Jordan Street
  • Jordan Street from Duke Street to Howard Street
  • Eisenhower Avenue from Holland Lane to Van Dorn Street

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Roads Closed 
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Snow Covered 
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Snow Emergency Route