Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

The Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Division (EPPM) is a central Project Management Office (PMO). Enterprise Project and Project Portfolio Management - Provide discrete support to stakeholders by using project management expertise to solve common challenges or inform important project or portfolio-related decisions. Assist to Implement and support project management methodology to enable the delivery of projects faster, cheaper, with higher quality and within estimates and expec

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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) team is a central Project Management Office (PMO).

  •   Responsible for planning, management and assessment of enterprise IT capital projects, complex purchase management, budgeting and financial management
  •   Providing support in the area of project management expertise, templates & best practices
  •   Rolling out new enterprise tool capabilities to City project teams
  •   Providing Project Management support capabilities using a Service Catalog model

What is the Portfolio Management?

The act or practice of making investment decisions in order to make the largest possible return.

What is the Project Portfolio Management?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a term used by project managers and project management (PM) organizations to describe methods for analyzing and collectively managing a group of current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics

Major initiatives currently managed by the Project Management Division: 

Special emphasis is placed on using technology where it adds the most value to increase the productivity of the City government, serve the external and internal customers, and deliver services and information to citizens at work, at home and in the community.

Major initiatives include:

  • Municipal Fiber
  • Land Use Management System (APEX)
  • Customer Relationship Management (311)
  • Courts Judicial System
  • ITS Strategic Plan Activities
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch Hardware Refresh
  • Courts – courtroom technology enhancements