Long-Range Transportation Planning

The Long-Range section within the Transportation Planning Division is responsible for developing plans, policies, programs and studies designed to ensure transportation sustainability and equity for the future of mobility in Alexandria.

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Current Long-Range Transportation Planning Projects

Crosswalk Striping

Alexandria Mobility Plan

The mobility plan will update the Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan developed in 2008. The Alexandria Mobility Plan (AMP) seeks to incorporate a comprehensive transportation planning approach to ensure adequate mobility and access for all Alexandrians. The mobility plan is a strategic approach to urban transportation planning based on values related to sustainability, equity, and efficiency. The mobility plan encourages a shift from dependency in automobile travel to utilizing more less polluting sustainable modes of transportation and leveraging technology and innovation to attain Transportation-related goals.

Alexandria transit vision plan

The Alexandria Transit Vision Plan will identify existing and future bus transit needs and community priorities in the City of Alexandria as a basis for designing a future bus network that improves mobility, accessibility, and overall cost efficiency. The City of Alexandria and DASH are leading this study.

AlexMoves Survey

The 2018 AlexMoves Survey will collect data on current transportation patterns from City residents by capturing information on trips residents make for both work and non-work purposes. The data collected from this survey will represent the mobility choices residents make on a daily basis and provide the necessary information for City planners and officials to make informed decisions about current mobility needs and plan for future transportation projects. Resident participation is crucial to help City planners to incorporate community needs in future transportation efforts.  View the 2017 results here

Residents interested in participating can reach out to the NuStats, the firm administering the survey by emailing alexmoves@nustats.com or by calling 1.877.221.7828 (toll-free). NuStats will then follow up by providing a PIN that allows you to take the survey. All information obtained is kept completely confidential. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and live within the City of Alexandria. 

For more information on these types of surveys, please consult the 2016 Transportation Needs Assessment

2018 Environmental Action Plan Update

The City is currently updating its 2009 Environmental Action Plan (EAP). The transportation section of the EAP is being updated to ensure transportation projects in the City are consistent with the following values:

  • Promote vibrant, human-scale streets that prioritize people access and mobility by incentivizing the use of sustainable modes of transportation.
  • Reduce automobile dependency and inform individuals and employers on mobility options.
  • Improve and expand Alexandria's public transit network that provides safe, equitable, efficient, accessible and reliable transit service for all Alexandrians.

Completed Studies 

Small Area Plans