Transportation Funding

An overview of major transportation funding sources in Alexandria and process for grant applications and project selection

Page updated on Oct 15, 2021 at 11:27 AM

What's New  

  • On November 10, the Alexandria Transit Company Board of Directors will consider a grant to purchase electric buses and facility infrastructure.  
  • The Transportation Commission will consider the FY 2027 CMAQ/RSTP projects at their November meeting - City Council will consider these projects in December. 
  • On September 28, City Council approved the submission of up to $10m to  NVTA 70% funds for the West End Transitway Phase II Design (South Van Dorn Street from Metro Road to McConnell Avenue) and for a new bridge on the Holmes Run Trail at Morgan Street to replace the fair-weather crossing.
  • On September 14, City Council approved the submission of up to $8m for transit operations through the TRIP program.  They also approve the Revenue Sharing application to the state for street resurfacing and bridge maintenance funding.  
  • In June 2021, the City was awarded $20M for FY 2026 SmartScale grant projects.


Funding for the City’s Transportation initiatives comes from various state, federal, and local sources. The City’s annual budget provides details on the projects and programs that receive this funding. There are numerous grant opportunities each year that fund ongoing programs and one-time Capital projects.    

The Transportation Long Range Plan is a list of unfunded projects from approved plans that staff uses as a resource to identify potential grant opportunities. The Transportation Commission updates the list of projects, reconsiders the evaluation criteria, and reprioritizes the projects every two years.

Capital projects are selected from approved planning documents with consideration of the eligibility criteria for each particular grant, as well as the City's Strategic Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and Transportation Long Range Plan priorities. The City also applies for grants to assist with day to day operations and state of good repair. The City develops and submits applications for these grants that are typically endorsed by the Transportation and approved by City Council. 

Major Project Funding

Transportation Grant Funding Schedule