Green Power Purchasing

Page updated on Sep 17, 2019 at 2:11 PM

Green Power Purchasing

For many buildings, the installation of onsite renewable energy is not always feasible. Whether it be a physical limitation, such as lack of roof space, or a financial limitation, there are other options for reducing one’s carbon footprint. In Virginia, government entities, residents, businesses, and non-profits have programs where they can support clean energy development in the State by purchasing green power, without having that green power produced on site. 

City’s Green Power Purchasing Initiatives

Community & Green Power Purchasing

City’s Green Power Purchasing Initiatives

EPA Green Power Partnership

  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership (GPP) seeks to protect human health and the environment by increasing organizations’ voluntary green power use to advance the American market for green power and the development of those renewable electricity sources. The City of Alexandria has been a proud partner of the GPP since December 2010.

Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Purchase Program

  • Since the City’s 2009 Environmental Action Plan (EAP) there has been a focus on acquiring clean, renewable energy sources for the City’s energy portfolio using green certificates and direct procurement. This goal has been reiterated in the City’s 2018 and 2019 update to the EAP.
  • The Office of Energy Management works with Dominion Energy to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset City facility energy use. A REC represents the environmental benefits of 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy that can be paired with the City’s electricity use. A REC purchase helps build a market for renewable energy by increasing demand for and generation of renewable electricity. For FY2019, the City will purchase RECs to offset 60% of the City’s electricity use. The FY2020 operating budget sets aside money to increase REC purchasing to reach 100% offset of City electricity use.


Community & Green Power Purchasing

For those residents and businesses that are not able to produce renewable energy on-site but want to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure their electricity use is offset by renewable energy, Dominion Energy provides you options.

Dominion Energy Green Power

  • In May of 2008, Dominion Energy submitted a request to the Virginia State Corporation-Commission (SCC) to provide its customers two options for purchasing renewable energy.  Option one allows customers to offset 100% of their electrical usage with electricity generated from renewable energy sources.  Option two allows customers to purchase small increments or blocks of renewable energy each month for a monthly fixed dollar amount, allowing residents to choose the amount of renewable energy that fits their budget.

  • Under both options, Dominion purchases renewable energy certificates (RECs) in order to provide customers a means of directly supporting production of renewable energy.  The RECs will be procured from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and biomass facilities nationally. Alexandria has one of the highest participation rates in Dominion’s Green Power program.  For more information on how to purchase Green Power visit Dominion Energy Green Power.

Virginia Community Solar Pilot

  • On September 11, 2018, the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) approved Dominion Energy’s Virginia Community Solar Pilot. The Virginia Community Solar Pilot Program is a voluntary program allowing Dominion Energy Virginia customers the opportunity to purchase the renewable attributes from the electricity generated by new solar facilities located in communities throughout Dominion Energy Virginia’s service territory.

  • The program is currently being developed but is accepting pre-enrollment for interested customers! To learn more about this program please visit Dominion’s Virginia Community Solar Pilot Program website.