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Past Events

Energy Awareness Month 2019

During October 2019, the City of Alexandria celebrated Energy Awareness Month. Energy Awareness Month 2019 is focused on informing the Alexandrian community on ways to power their lives with cleaner energy sources. From purchasing renewable energy credits to purchasing on-site generation to commuting “greener”, there are options for everyone to sustainably manage their energy use.  

Eco-City Summit

In March 2019, the City hosted the Eco-City Summit, a forum for community members to offer input on draft recommendations for an update of the Environmental Action Plan (EAP) 2040. Community members who attended were able to give feedback on the recommendations for all 10 topics of the EAP.  Missed the event? Watch the opening remarks and the event's keynote speech, “7 Secrets to Living Your Most Sustainable Life,” given by Diane MacEachern, founder and CEO of Big Green Purse. Also, read the sustainability pledge distributed at the event and learn more about Eco-City Academy.

For a list of older events refer to the Public Engagement Event Log.

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