Energy and Climate Change Action Plan

Information on the City’s Energy and Climate Change Action Plan (ECCAP) update process, including information on the Energy and Climate Change Task Force. Resources on the City's climate change action efforts are also provided.

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  • 2/16/2020 - City staff and the City Manager are currently finalizing Task Force appointment details. We thank you for your patience. The City Manager’s Office will be notifying Task Force appointees shortly.

Energy and Climate Change Task Force

The purpose of the Energy and Climate Change Task Force is to provide guidance to the City of Alexandria on the effort to update the City’s Energy and Climate Change Action Plan (ECCAP). This guidance includes feedback on analyses of community greenhouse gas emissions and climate change vulnerabilities. Moreover, the Task Force will support the City's  identification, evaluation, and prioritization of recommendations for additional policy, programmatic, or technology actions to achieve specific, science-based emissions reductions consistent with the Environmental Action Plan 2040 (EAP2040)’s targets and goals. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, efforts that:

  • increase of renewable energy production and availability for city residents/businesses;
  • work to curtail consumption of fossil fuels;
  • engage Alexandria residents and businesses in emissions-reducing actions;
  • identify opportunities for climate adaptation policies and practices.

Additionally, the Task Force's guidance may include identifying and evaluating funding and budgeting strategies, specific implementation steps and approaches, and methods and metrics to track progress against time-specific goals consistent with the EAP2040. The Alexandria City Council approved Resolution 2958 on September 22, 2020 to establish the Task Force.

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Composition and Roles of The Task Force

The Task Force will comprise of no more than 13 members which seek to represent a diverse Alexandria community, and aims to include those with an interest to learn and apply proven energy and climate change action solutions on behalf of their respective communities:

  • 1 person representing an environmental, clean energy, or climate change action advocacy organization or interest
  • 3 persons who are residents of Alexandria at-large and who’s representation reflects
    • Differing areas/neighborhoods of the City and differing interests of homeowners, condo or multi-family residents, and renters/tenants
    • Involvement in civic or community organizations or faith organizations
    • Interests or expertise in relevant fields such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation, climate change vulnerabilities, climate change adaptation, land use, energy/resource economics, community engagement, healthcare or public health, transportation, or finance
  • 2 persons representing diversity, racial and social equity, and inclusivity issues of diverse Alexandria populations, including those of Alexandria’s aging population
  • 2 persons representing Alexandria youth interests with specific priority of Alexandria high school students
  • 2 business representatives from the Alexandria business community which may include representation of a business membership organization, business owner, commercial building owner, or an institutional organization with consideration of ensuring representing racial and social equity among these representatives
  • 1 person representing the interest of leveraging climate change solutions to support the City’s economic development goals as well as support Alexandria’s COVID-19 pandemic economic recovery efforts
  • 1 person who is a professional representing clean energy and climate policy or technology interests

Appointment to the Task Force

The Environmental Policy Commission will designate its own representative. The remaining Task Force members will be appointed by the City Manager from the applications. The City Manager will make selections based upon applicants’ stated areas of expertise according to the Task Force’s stated composition. The City Manager will also designate a Chairperson for the Task Force.


In July 2019, the Alexandria City Council adopted the City’s Environmental Action Plan 2040 (EAP2040). The EAP2040 establishes a target of reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by Fiscal Year 2030 and 80 to 100 percent by Fiscal Year 2050  supported by significant contributions at the state and federal level toward renewable energy and energy efficiency mandates. The ECCAP update supports meeting the goal of increasing the City’s preparedness to respond to the impacts of climate change and environmental emergencies.  One EAP2040 action is to establish a multidisciplinary task force to guide an update of the 2011 Energy and Climate Action Plan implement and evaluate efforts to work towards meeting the City’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

In October 2019, the City Council adopted a resolution declaring  climate emergency, recognizing that climate change poses a grave threat to everyone in Alexandria and around the world. The resolution expresses City Council’s commitment to climate change action at it is likely to have a particular impact on the Alexandria community where adapting to climate change will be key to Alexandria’s environmental and economic future.  

The Task Force is established to provide guidance to City staff in the development of the updated Energy and Climate Change Action Plan. The Energy and Climate Change Action Plan will 1) support implementation of the EAP2040’s existing actions, and 2) identify additional actions available for the City to consider in order to act on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to address climate change according to the EAP2040’s targets and goals. 

The Task Force will also support two additional components of the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan’s development process, including 1) focusing on priorities of diversity, racial and social equity, and inclusivity as a critical lens for conducting energy and climate change action planning, and 2) leveraging climate change action solutions to support Alexandria’s COVID-19 pandemic economic recovery efforts and economic development goals. 


Energy and Climate Change Action Plan

More information will be available soon on the City's Energy and Climate Change Action Plan (ECCAP) update process.