Summary of Green Building Policy

Page updated on Jul 27, 2012 at 9:46 AM

Summary of Green Building Policy

Green buildings bring environmental and economic benefits to present and future generations of the citizens of Alexandria and the surrounding region. Even in a developed city with significant historic character, "green" buildings are favored over buildings that are not green. The City of Alexandria will continue to lead by example through its own public buildings, establish a policy for new private buildings and will make efforts to educate the public, especially the building and development community, about the benefits of green buildings. The City of Alexandria will also take a leadership role to mandate sustainable design for all public buildings. The City of Alexandria will not be adopting a new code to mandate its Green Building Policy. That approach is not legally authorized. Nor is it necessarily desirable.

The LEED rating system will typically be the green building guide and rating system used as a standard for development in Alexandria because it has become the industry preference, especially for commercial construction. Public and private development that requires a Development Site Plan (DSP) or Development Special Use Permit (DSUP) should achieve the following green building standard:

Non-Residential: LEED Silver.
Residential: LEED Certified, LEED for Homes, or ANSUICC-700 2008 National Green
Mixed use: Each component should follow the applicable rating standard
Coordinated Development Districts: Approvals for CDD areas yet to be developed will incorporate these standards

In each case, applicable ENERGY STAR systems should be incorporated. The above standards provide a performance goal for development. However, to the extent that equivalent rating systems are available and their standards can be demonstrated to be equivalent to the satisfaction of the Director of Planning and Zoning, they are also acceptable. The certification of compliance with green building standards will be provided by independent and accredited third party professionals retained by the applicant and approved in advance by the Director of Planning and Zoning. The City of Alexandria will require the applicant to achieve the green standard approved in its development application within two years of issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

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