Energy Conservation in Historic Buildings

Page archived as of December 31, 2013

Energy Conservation in Historic Buildings

Owners of historic buildings can improve the energy efficiency without sacrificing historic character. The strategies energy-conserving strategies featured in the District of Columbia’s guide for Energy Conservation for Historic Buildings may also apply to your historic building in the City of Alexandria. This guide covers topics such as:

  • Upgrading the thermal efficiency of a building envelope (historic walls and foundations)
  • Upgrading the thermal efficiency of historic windows and doors
  • Using operable windows, shutters, porch roofs, and awnings to most effectively
  • Using storm windows, screens to regulate temperature in the winter and summer
  • Enhancing roof insulation
  • Using attic vents and dormers to their full potential
  • Landscaping techniques that contribute to cooling and heating a building
  • Building systems in historic buildings (HVAC, Water Heaters and Appliances, Lighting)

Before making any changes to your historic building, be sure to check that you are compliant with the City of Alexandria’s historic preservation policies. Visit Planning and Zoning’s Historic Preservation page for details.

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