Complete Streets and Repaving

Page updated on Dec 10, 2018 at 4:46 PM

Complete Streets are streets designed to accommodate all users. As part of the Complete Streets Policy adopted by City Council in 2011, T&ES was tasked to identify and implement projects that improved safety and convenience of all users as a part of routine street repaving and maintenance whenever possible.

When streets are resurfaced, this provides an opportunity to upgrade elements of the street to better accommodate people of all ages and abilities.  For all streets, staff aim to improve safety, accessibility, and mobility. 

To better plan for these projects, the City would like to get your input on changes that can be implemented as a part of repaving plans, such as upgrading curb ramps, adding missing crosswalks, upgrading high priority crossings and repairing sidewalks.  In conjunction with many of the resurfacing projects, the City aims to implement recommendations from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, Safe Routes to School Plan Program recommendations and the Vision Zero program. During the development of these plans, many detailed suggestions from the community were received will be incorporated into repaving plans.

Residents know their streets best and can provide additional information that can help make the street safer. City staff will review all suggestions but will prioritize implementation based on feasibility, safety, coordination with the resurfacing team, and available funding.

The City is currently asking for community input on potential changes for the following streets scheduled for repaving in upcoming months:

  • Montgomery St. (N Henry St. to end)
  • Mt Vernon Ave. (Hume Ave. to Leadbeater St.)
  • Randolph Ave. (entire length)
  • S. Fayette St. (Jefferson St. to Wilkes St.)
  • Seminary Rd. (I-395 to Quaker Ln.)
  • Taney Ave. (N Early St. to N Gordon St.)
  • W. Braddock Rd. (N. Beauregard St. to N. Van Dorn St.)
  • Wolfe St. (entire length)
  • Wythe St. (West St. to N. Fairfax St.)

Click here to access the repaving feedback form

This feedback form is NOT intended to replace a formal application for any sort of change, a maintenance request, or other official request for traffic improvements. For maintenance requests, please submit a Call.Click.Connect request.

Survey Response Summaries

Responses to previous Complete Streets Repaving Feedback rounds are summarized below:

Cambridge Road

S Pickett Street

S Pitt Street

N Royal Street

Russell Road