Residential Pay by Phone - Frequently Asked Questions

Page updated on Aug 19, 2019 at 1:02 PM

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a parking permit for the district—do I need to pay? 

No, the payment requirement is only for vehicles without the applicable district parking permit.

Do my guests have to pay the parking fee? 

Guest and Visitor passes can be used to allow guests to park for free on these blocks.  Passes can be printed online, or picked up at City Hall or a City library. 

Will a meter be installed on my street?/How can I pay if I don't have a residential parking permit for the district? 

Meters are not necessarily installed on blocks in the program. Those who choose to pay to park on the block will have to use the City’s pay by phone app, ParkMobile, call the ParkMobile toll-free number at 877.727.5457,  purchase a receipt from a meter on an adjacent block, or purchase a scratch-off parking permit from the City Treasury. A tutorial on how to start a ParkMobile parking session is available here.

What is the cost to park on the block if signage is posted? 

The cost will be the same as the cost to park on a metered block, which is currently $1.75 per hour. 

What are the hours and days of restriction? 

The hours and days of restriction will match the existing posted hours and days of restriction (e.g. Mon-Saturday 8AM-2AM, Sunday 11AM-2AM). 

What blocks are eligible for the program? 

The Program area covers blocks east of Washington Street to the Potomac River, between Princess Street and Wolfe Street.  In order to be eligible, a block must be on a block with meters, adjacent to a metered block, or adjacent to an approved residential pay by phone block.  In addition, the block must already have residential permit parking signage posted (i.e. timed restrictions noting District 1 or 2 vehicles are exempt). 

Can renters sign the petition requesting the signage?

Yes, the petition should be signed by residents of the block.  Owners of buildings that do not reside on the block are not eligible to sign the petition. 

My block is not interested in this program—will the parking restrictions still change? 

This signage will only be implemented at the request of the residents on the block through a petition signed by more than 50% of the residents.  If no petition is submitted, no changes to the parking restrictions on the block will be made.