Dockless Mobility

The City of Alexandria has launched a pilot program to allow private companies to operate shared mobility devices (such as dockless bicycles and scooters available for rent) in the City under a nine month demonstration program. With multiple neighboring jurisdictions experimenting with these devices and some appearing, without permits, on the streets of Alexandria, the time is right for the City to evaluate if and how they might operate here.

Page updated on May 23, 2019 at 11:09 AM

What's New

The City is now accepting permit applications from operators. All operators must sign this Memorandum of Understanding, which describes the City's requirements and expectations.

The City has issued permits to Lime, Lyft, Jump, Bird, Bolt, Skip, and Spin to operate e-scooters and e-bikes within the City right of way and kick off the shared mobility demonstration program.  You will likely begin to see these devices around the City.  It is crucial for users of these devices to abide by the safety guidelines, but it is also important for everyone using the public right of way to share this space and be mindful of people using all forms of transportation - whether that is walking, biking, riding a scooter or driving a car.  If these new devices are parked on your private property, or somewhere that impedes access, you may move the device to a more appropriate location yourself, if possible, or reach out to the company directly and request that they remove the device.  The City will be evaluating this program throughout the duration of demonstration, and your feedback will be requested.  

What is Dockless Mobility? 

The purpose of this demonstration program will be to evaluate the safety and popularity of shared mobility devices (such as e-scooters and dockless shared bikes) and overall performance of the companies. City staff is still finalizing an evaluation plan, but using data to be provided under the terms of the demonstration program, the evaluation will look at how and where devices are being used, company responsiveness, safety and other outcomes.

This demonstration program will determine if shared mobility devices will be allowed to remain in the long term and how such businesses would be required to operate. 

Community Engagement & Outreach

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs and responses have been provided below but should you require more information, please contact us at

1. How can I provide feedback on this demonstration program?

You can email us at

2. Where can I ride a shared mobility device?

E-scooters cannot be ridden on sidewalks, but may be ridden on streets, in bike lanes, or certain trails.

E-assist bikes can be ridden anywhere that a conventional bicycle can be ridden.

Riders should always ride safely, considerately, and must follow all applicable traffic laws. Click here for a guide to safe walking and bicycling in Virginia.

3. Who is in charge of the shared mobility devices? 

Individual private companies operate and maintain these shared mobility devices.

4. Is dockless bikeshare part of Capital Bikeshare?

No. Capital Bikeshare is jointly owned and operated by the City of Alexandria, District of Columbia, Arlington County, the Montgomery County, Fairfax County and Prince George’s County. These shared mobility devices are not affiliated with Capital Bikeshare. Capital Bikeshare bikes must be returned to docking stations. 

5. How do I sign up to use one?

Visit the website/mobile app of the company. You will need a separate account from Capital Bikeshare as there is no affiliation between the two.

6. How do I report bikes or scooters that are left on my property or in another inappropriate location?

You should report the device to the company providing the service. Contact information for each company is provided on the devices, and at the bottom of this webpage.

7. Where should the bikes or scooters be parked?

Anywhere a bike could be reasonably and respectfully parked that allows for at least a five-foot clear pedestrian zone and does not impede access by any other person or transportation mode.

Vehicles should be parked in a way that DOES NOT block access to:

  • Travel lanes
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalk and ramps
  • Fire hydrants
  • Parked cars
  • Bus stops
  • Entrances to buildings

Additionally, do not park anywhere where you have been asked not to park before, a place that cannot be accessed by other shared mobility device users, or on private property where you do not have permission to park.

8. What can I do if a bike or scooter is parked inappropriately? 

If they are parked on your private property, or somewhere that impedes access, you may move the device to a more appropriate location yourself, if possible, or reach out to the company directly and request that they remove the device.

9. How many devices can each company deploy? 

Each company can deploy up to 200 devices.  They may request to expand their fleet by 25 additional vehicles if they show that vehicles are being used at least 3 times per day for a 4 week period.

10.  Which companies are allowed to operate in Alexandria?

The City Council approved this pilot program on November 13th, and the City is currently accepting permit applications from shared mobility device companies. The companies that are currently permitted to operate in Alexandria include:

To contact shared mobility device companies that are operating in the region:

Equity and Access

  • Bird offers a Text-to-Ride feature allowing users who lack smartphones to rent scooters through texts. Also, their One Bird program waives the $1 unlocking fee. Individuals can enroll by emailing with their name, phone number and any document showing they’ve qualified for a state or federal assistance program (including, but not limited to, Medicaid, SNAP or discounted utility bills).
  • Lime Access offers a 50% discount on Lime rides ($0.50 unlocking fee, $0.07 a minute vs. $1 and $0.15), text-to-unlock options and cash payment options at PayNearMe locations throughout the country.
  • The Lyft Community Pass allows qualifying low-income users to sign up for $5 a month for unlimited, free 30-minute rides within the DC-area service region.
  • Skip’s Rider Accessibility Program offers qualified users a 50% discount on all Skip rides. Arlington users can enroll in this program by visiting their website and providing proof of participation in a state or federal assistance program such as Medicaid or SNAP. Skip also offers call-to-unlock and cash payment options – interested users can contact for more information.