I-395 / Seminary Road Interchange

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Transurban, the company that is building and managing the I-395 Express Lanes project, informed the City of Alexandria and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) in October 2018 that it would like to analyze the possibility of opening the south-facing ramp at the Seminary Road exit for high occupancy toll (HOT) paying vehicles. The south-facing ramp, opened in early 2016, was planned to remain restricted high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) and transit traffic traveling north in the morning and south in the evening, even after completion of the I-395 Express Lanes. The existing north-facing ramp (serving traffic going to and from points north, in the mornings and evenings respectively) was always planned to serve HOV, transit and HOT paying vehicles as a part of the I-395 Express Lanes project. City of Alexandria Transportation and Environmental Services (T&ES) staff is coordinating with Transurban and VDOT on an analysis (to be conducted by Transurban) of the forecasted traffic changes that could occur from the proposed change. 

What's New

  • VDOT and Transurban will host a public meeting on December 9, 2019 (detail) to review the findings from the analysis with the community.  The meeting location is at T.C. Williams High School, Minnie Howard Campus, 3801 West Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA 22302. Read more  [...] 
  • Read the City of Alexandria's response to the traffic study assessing conversion of the I-395 ramp from a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)-only ramp to a High Occupancy Toll (HOT) ramp. 


Memo to Alexandria City Council from the City Manager (May 16, 2019), updating the HOV ramp study  proposal by Transurban. (pdf, presentation)

Memo to Alexandria City Council from the City Manager (Nov 8, 2018), stating the City position on this issue. (pdf)

Alexandria City Council Resolution No. 2520 (2012), expressing a preference for a ramp option that minimizes traffic volume traveling to and from Seminary Road east of I-395. (pdf)

Development Framework - 395 Project in Northern Virginia (2015), describing the basic scope of the I-395 Express Lanes extension between VDOT and Transurban. (pdf)

Letter from the VDOT Secretary to jurisdictions (2015), describing the basic scope of the I-395 Express Lanes project. (pdf)

Letter from Mayor Allison Silberberg to VDOT Secretary (2018), expressing the City of Alexandria's opposition to changes to the ramp, and encouraging a full analysis and outreach process. (pdf)

VDOT I-395 Express Lanes project webpage

Transurban I-395 Express Lanes project webpage