King Street Place Pilot

King Street Place is the pedestrianization of the 100 block of King Street during weekends from April until October.

Page updated on Mar 11, 2020 at 12:46 PM

King Street Place - 100 block photo from Visit Alexandria (pre-pilot)


City Council has requested that staff include a pilot program for the pedestrianization of the 100 block of King Street in their FY 2020 work plan. This project was originally discussed with the community through an extensive community engagement process in 2015 during the Lower King Street Multi-modal Feasibility Study.

What’s New

Staff provided an oral update to City Council on March 10 with the intent of getting feedback on the proposed plan.  The concept development has gone through many iterations based on discussions with the resident and business communities, and a one-way traffic flow option with expanded outdoor dining on the south side of the block was proposed to Council.  Staff will refine the proposal based on feedback and seek Council approval early this spring for the pilot to begin in early June 2020.  

Outreach and Engagement

The City, in partnership with Visit Alexandria, has been meeting with the impacted businesses to hear their concerns and get feedback on various design ideas. Staff is also working through the Waterfront and Transportation Commissions to get input on the project that will ultimately inform the proposed pilot program. Additionally, the project has been discussed at the Old Town Business and Civic Associations. 

Community Engagement & Process

If approved, the pilot is targeted to launch in Spring and remain through October.