Holmes Run Trail Closures

Page updated on Aug 4, 2020 at 3:48 PM

Holmes Run Trail Closures


In 2018, a portion of Holmes Run Trail that connects to North Morgan Street was closed due to flooding and severe erosion that undermined stability and integrity of the trail and boardwalk. In 2019, the City received historic flooding, which severely damaged three additional sections of Holmes Run Trail, including two bridge structures. 

Photos of the trail damage are shown below:

Holmes Run Trail Damage

Trail Closures & Detours

The damaged sections of trail are currently not safe to use and have been closed to the public. The City does not currently have sufficient funding to restore the trail, but it is actively seeking funding opportunities to do so. Restoring all portions of the trail will be a major undertaking. It is not likely these sections will be reopened before 2023. The City appreciates the community’s patience as it works to plan, fund, design, and construct the trail repairs.

In the meantime, trail users are asked to use the detour routes shown in the maps below and follow appropriate warning signage.

Holmes Run Trail Detours Map 1

Holmes Run Trail Detour Map 2

Interim Actions

 Action Status
Widen the sidewalk on North Beauregard Street to improve comfort on the detour route  Complete
 Install temporary signage to notify residents of the trail closures Complete
Install barricades to discourage residents from using the closed sections of trail  Complete
 Install permanent signage to notify residents of the trail closures  Complete
 Reopen Holmes Run Trail between North Beauregard Street and damaged bridge near I-395  In Progress
Install detour signage for trail users  In Progress
Seek funding opportunities to fully restore all sections of trail that are currently closed  Complete
Develop design for bridge repairs at Holmes Run Playground  In Progress
Complete bridge repairs at Holmes Run Playground  Not Complete
 Procure design contract for trail repairs at Ripley Street bridge, I-395, and Dora Kelly Park In Progress

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why have portions of Holmes Run Trail been closed?
A: Portions of the trail have been closed due to severe damage from flooding that occurred in 2018 and 2019.

Q: The damage to the trail and bridges doesn’t appear to be very severe. Why can’t the City repair it sooner?
A: While some of the damage may appear superficial, the 2018 and 2019 flood events completely undermined the trail base and caused significant erosion around the trail. The flooding also undermined the structural integrity of the two bridges. The City will need to study how the flood impacted Holmes Run and determine how the trail, bridges, and slopes should be modified/stabilized to minimize potential damage from future flood events.

Q: Is funding available to restore the trail?
A: Yes. As part of the FY2021-FY2030 Approved Capital Improvement Program (CIP), $6 million was allocated to repairing Holmes Run Trail. $1 million is available for design in FY2021, and the remaining $5 million is available beginning in FY2022.

Q: What is the timeline for repairs?
A: Timelines vary on different parts of the trail. Design work for the bridge repairs near Holmes Run Playground (Map #2) is underway and is expected to be implemented by Spring 2021. On the other three closed sections of trail (Map #1), the damage is more severe and will require more time to address. The City is currently procuring a design contract for repairs to the other three locations. The community can expect these section of trail to open no sooner than 2022.

Q: What is the best way to get updates on this project?
A: The best way to get updates on the status of the trail repairs is to visit this webpage. Updates will be posted as they occur. Residents may also subscribe to the City’s eNews service.