Old Cameron Run Trail Project

Page updated on Jan 14, 2021 at 3:20 PM

Project Description

This project will construct a 0.53 mile shared-use path between Hooffs Run Drive and South Payne Street (the existing shared-use path between Hooffs Run waterway and South Payne Street will be repaved). An additional 0.25 mile section of the trail is planned to be constructed through redevelopment between Mill Road and Hooffs Run Drive. This project will help address a major gap in the City’s trail system and provide a key link in the bicycle and pedestrian transportation system. The goal of this project is to create a more direct and conflict-free connection for people walking and biking between the Eisenhower East and Southwest Quadrant neighborhoods.

Overall Project Status: Design

Project Background

This project was identified as one of the top three priority trail projects in the City’s Transportation Master Plan. The trail is also recommended in the Eisenhower East Small Area Plan and supports the City’s Environmental Action Plan by increasing access for sustainable modes of transportation. This project is intended to enhance the City’s multimodal environment and increase local and regional nonmotorized connections to the Eisenhower East area, South Old Town, and the Mount Vernon Trail.

In 2016, the City completed a feasibility study which included a recommendation on the preferred trail alignment and estimated project cost. That same year, the City applied for and was awarded approximately $7.5 million in grant funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation to design and construct the trail. 

Project Development

Project Timeline


Community Engagement

Status: Ongoing


Community Feedback on 30% Design Plans 

Proposed design plans are now available for the Old Cameron Run Trail Project. The community is asked to provide feedback on these plans no later than Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Here’s how to participate:

1.    View the project presentation.

2.    View the proposed design plans.

3.    Submit your comments via the online feedback form.

Staff will review and consider all comments as the design is further refined. Revised plans are expected by Spring 2021.

Willingness to Host a Public Hearing (Fall 2020)

The City of Alexandria seeks collaborative input from community stakeholders regarding the proposed project Old Cameron Run Trail. The 30% design plans are posted below for review. These documents also available for review in-person at City Hall, 301 King Street, Suite 3600, Alexandria, VA. In response to COVID-19, all visitors must have an appointment scheduled with a City staff member to access to City Hall offices.

Contact Alexandria Carroll at  alexandria.carroll@alexandriava.gov or 703.746.4408 to arrange for a time to review the project plans in-person, or to submit questions and comments about the project plans.

The City is willing to hold a public hearing if you continue to have unaddressed questions or concerns following this process. To request a public hearing, send a written request postmarked by November 20, 2020, to:

Alexandria Carroll
City of Alexandria
Transportation and Environmental Services
301 King Street, Suite 3600
Alexandria, VA  22314

Additionally, the following Notices of the City's Willingness to Host a Public Hearing have been placed in local and regional news publications, including the Alexandria Gazette Packet, Alexandria Times, Atref, El Tiempo Latino, and Washington Post to promote public awareness of this process:




If a request for a public hearing is received, the City will post an announcement (including the date, time and place of the hearing) at a later date.


Status: 30% Design


Status: Not started; currently planned for 2025

Part of this project is planned to be built along the Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) facility, the City’s Sanitary Sewer Authority. AlexRenew is currently working on RiverRenew, which is a major project to achieve cleaner, healthier waterways in Alexandria. Part of the work for this project is occurring at the same location as the Old Cameron Run Trail, and the two projects cannot be completed at the same time. Under Virginia law, AlexRenew must complete their project by 2025. Therefore, construction on the Old Cameron Run Trail will begin when the RiverRenew project is completed in 2025.


For more information on this project, contact Alex Carroll at Alexandria.Carroll@alexandriava.gov