Heavy Vehicle Parking

Page updated on Jun 15, 2021 at 12:48 PM

Consideration of Heavy Vehicle Parking Restrictions in Commercial Areas

Due to community concerns and complaints, the City of Alexandria has passed an ordinance to limit parking of heavy vehicles (greater than 12,000 pounds and/or longer than 30 feet in length) to two hours in commercial areas when not actively loading or unloading.

Enforcement of the new ordinance (Sec. 10-4-46) is expected to begin May 3, 2021.


  • The proposed ordinance was considered by City Council at a public hearing on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 9:30AM. Council unanimously recommended approval. The docket is available here here.
  • The proposed ordinance to restrict heavy vehicle parking was considered by the Traffic and Parking Board on Monday January 25, 2021. The Traffic and Parking Board unanimously recommended that City Council approve the proposed ordinance. The meeting docket with the ordinance language is available here.


  • Heavy Vehicles - Vehicles greater than 12,000 pounds or longer than 30 feet.
  • Commercial Areas - Commercial, mixed use, and office zones and adjacent to commercial land uses, including but not limited to retail, restaurant, daycare, center, and office, in industrial zones.