Drainage Programs

Page updated on Feb 4, 2021 at 4:24 PM

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The Transportation & Environmental Services Department (T&ES) has two drainage programs. One is for the maintenance of existing storm drain systems and the other is for addressing communities' requests for drainage improvements.


For drainage concerns on existing storm drain systems where maintenance is needed, such as clearing of debris from inlets, storm drain pipes, and/or drainage channels, or reestablishment of drainage channels which may have eroded or accumulated sediment over time, please contact the T&ES Maintenance Division at 703-746-4488.


The T&ES Engineering Division manages the drainage complaints that require engineering review and design.  The purpose and goal of this program is to solve drainage problems where there is no storm drain system or the existing system is failing or is inadequate. Through this program, the Design Section receives and addresses requests for assistance to correct drainage problems where the runoff water originates from the Public Right-of-Way.


A request for assistance can be initiated by a telephone call, email, letter or fax to the Engineering Division or by submitting a problem request on the City’s website.  The Division Chief of Engineering will assign the request to an Engineer who will review the request in a timely manner. After the review has been completed, you will receive an explanation of the review findings and proposed action.

When requesting drainage assistance, please include the following information:

  • The location where the drainage problem is occurring.
  • A brief statement describing the drainage problem and where the water originates and where it goes.
  • Your name, address where you reside and telephone number where you can be contacted.
  •  Permission authorizing a site visit by City staff on your property, if applicable.
  • Your availability to meet the City staff at the site during the site visit, if possible.
  • Community or Homeowner Association, name of representative and telephone number, if applicable.


After a storm water complaint is received the following process takes place:

  • Investigate the nature and cause of the problem.
    • Determine if it should be an engineering division design project
    • Refer to the appropriate agency responsible for the issue
  • Verify the number of properties being affected and extent of damage being caused by the water.
  • Review the existing drainage system in the area and potential needs for upgrades.
  • Determine availability of Right-of-Way or easements and needs for easements.
  • Determine if the problem can have a "spot solution" or a comprehensive Capital Improvement Project (CIP) is needed.
    • If a "spot solution", schedule work with C&I or Maintenance
    • If a CIP, prioritize and include in the list of projects for recommendation as a CIP Project for City Council approval
  • Notify the citizen what action is being taken.