Transportation Master Plan

Draft Transportation Master Plan content and overview are below.

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 The Transportation Master Plan includes an overview and six sections as described below.

Image Comprehensive Transportation Master PlanComplete Transportation Master Plan  (11 MB) For amendments made to the Transit section on January 12, 2013, see text version (Section One) below


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The Overview includes 1) the Vision of promoting balance between travel efficiency quality of life and, 2) the Guiding Principals that form a new template for transportation decision-making.

Section One – Transit Concept (Amended January 12, 2013)

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The Transit Concept outlines a progressive vision for the future of travel throughout the City with a system of innovative transit vehicles operating along three primary transit corridors within secure rights-of way dedicated exclusively to transit use. The Plan is a vision for the development of clean, efficient enjoyable transit services that enhance mobility throughout the City and region for commuters, residents, and visitors.

Section Two – Pedestrian Section

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The Pedestrian Section calls for a city where public spaces, including streets and off-street paths offer a level of convenience, safety, and attractiveness that encourages and rewards the choice to walk regardless of age or ability. This section outlines supportive policies and targeted infrastructure investments that will make the City a regional leader in the creation of pedestrian-friendly streets.

Section Three – Bicycle Section      

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The Bicycle Section is a blueprint for creating a safe and convenient bicycle network that will increase the number of Alexandrians who bicycle for all trips shorter than five miles. With “complete streets” designed to enable safe travel by all users and routine accommodations for bicyclists, the City can make bicycling a viable transportation option.

Section Four – Streets Section      

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The Streets Section outlines approaches and techniques that will ensure streets are designed to safely accommodate all modes of travel, while preserving community character.

Section Five – Parking Section       

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The Parking Section provides a background of the City’s existing parking policies, identifies the guiding principles for parking management, and includes specific actions and strategies for managing parking resources in a cost-effective manner that contributes toward the overall vision of the City.

Section Six – Funding and Implementation Section      

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The Funding and Implementation Section provides a list of federal, state, and local funding resources that the City may utilize to fund the identified actions, strategies, and plan concepts. The process and policies for identifying project funding priority and implementation are also included in this section.