Potomac Waterfront Flood Mitigation

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King, Strand, and Union Streets Nuisance Flood Mitigation Information
The Potomac River Waterfront Flood Mitigation Study, completed in 2010, recommended grading and drainage improvements in the vicinity of Strand Street, the unit block of King Street, and Union Street to minimize the nuisance flooding that frequently occurs in this area.  A preliminary feasibility analysis of this recommendation was presented to the Park and Recreation Commission on November 15, 2012.


A study was conducted to evaluate flooding conditions and to identify feasible flood mitigation alternatives along the Potomac River. The City of Alexandria engaged URS Corporation to provide technical assistance with this study.

The study considered both nuisance flooding which is generally caused by high tides, as well as extreme flooding up to the predicted 100-year water surface elevation. A wide variety of alternatives, such as flood barriers and flood proofing, were considered to mitigate the flooding problems.

The study concentrates on evaluating solutions and recommending the most effective solutions.  The study also summarizes the detailed engineering assessments conducted as part of the feasibility evaluation of potential measures and recommends cost effective solutions that consider historic/archeological resources, business/tourism impacts, and environmental impacts.

The Potomac Waterfront Flood Mitigation Study was completed in July 2010. 

Flood mitigation, as described in the Potomac Waterfront Flood Mitigation Study, was included in the approved Waterfront Small Area Plan and implementation of the Plan’s recommendations will be developed during FY2013

Study Area

This study encompasses the entire Potomac River waterfront from the Capital Beltway north to approximately Bashford Lane extended. The figure below illustrates this area.

potomac flood study area

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Project Manager 
Brian Rahal, P.E., Civil Engineer III