Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Page updated on Oct 28, 2020 at 2:39 PM

The City has developed a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (Sewer Plan) to provide the City with a summary of its sanitary sewer assets and needs along with a plan to assess future wastewater flows corresponding to forecasted growth.  The Sewer Plan uses the growth forecasts through build-out conditions (post year 2040) to analyze hydraulic capacity of the collector sewers and interceptor sewers, wastewater treatment plant capacity, and the impact of significant wet weather events on both the separate sanitary and combined sewer systems.  This Sewer Plan identifies when and where infrastructure upgrades or improvements will be needed to accommodate growth such that the wastewater needs of residents and businesses can be effectively served.  A financial model was developed as part of the Sewer Plan in which existing system needs are to be funded by the sanitary sewer user fee (assessed on the sewer bill) and that needs due to growth are to be funded by the sewer connection fees paid by developers.

This report has been prepared by the Departments of Transportation and Environmental Services (T&ES) Engineering Division and Planning and Zoning (P&Z).  The Sewer Plan was approved by Planning Commission and City Council for adoption as a chapter to the City’s Master Plan in February 2013.
The City is currently in the process of updating the Sewer Plan. It is anticipated that this plan update will go to Planning Commission and City Council for approval in the Spring 2021 following outreach to residents, businesses and the development community. Please check this page for future updates or contact Erin Bevis-Carver, P.E., Sanitary Infrastructure Division, Transportation and Environmental Services at 703.746.4154 or at

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