Bus Stop Accessibility & Amenities Program

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Bus Stop Accessibility & Amenities Program

The City of Alexandria provides facilities at bus stops to help make transit more accessible, comfortable, and convenient to customers; thereby encouraging usage. The City's Office of Transit Services is responsible for implementing bus stop improvements, which includes:  

  • Installing Passenger Loading Pads / Accessible Bus Stops
  • Installing Bus Stop Bulb-Outs
  • Installing Bus Stop Benches
  • Installing Bus Shelters  

This program is a continuation of the City of Alexandria’s effort to improve accessibility for all transit patrons.  The goals and objectives of this program are:  

  • Expand the number of ADA accessible bus stops
  • Increase pedestrian access and connectivity to the fixed-route bus system
  • Improve mobility independence for transit users of all ages and abilities and remove barriers for the disabled community  

For a bus stop to qualify for bus shelter placement and installation, the following criteria must be met:  

  • Boarding (40 plus daily)
  • Available right-of-way to install a shelter  

Additional consideration for shelter installations will be given to the following:  

  • Locations in or near Activity Centers
  • Locations with multiple transit routes & transfers  

Individuals can also provide feedback about the bus stop improvement program, make a request, and report any issue related to a bus stop, bus stop bench, or bus shelter within the City of Alexandria via Call.Click.Connect

Ongoing Projects

  • Bus Shelter Initiative

The City of Alexandria is in the process of replacing bus shelters installed in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s and installing new bus shelters at locations throughout the City of Alexandria.   This initiative consists of the design and construction of new concrete bus shelter pads, as well as the fabrication and installation of City standard bus shelters.  This program reinforces the City of Alexandria’s commitment to providing enhanced passenger amenities for transit riders.  More information on this project can be found here.

The City’s standard bus shelter design plan can be found here.

The City’s standard bus shelter specifications can be found here.  

  • Pedestrian Improvements to Transit Stops – Mount Vernon Ave

In conjunction with the resurfacing of Mt Vernon Ave, the City of Alexandria plans to install ADA-compliant pedestrian improvements at some transit stops and intersections.  Bicycle signage and on-street markings (sharrows) will also be added. For more information please visit:

Pedestrian Improvements to Transit Stops – Mount Vernon Ave  

Department of Project Implementation   

Pedestrian Improvements to Transit Stops Study