Bus Stop Accessibility & Amenities Program

Page updated on Jul 17, 2020 at 10:46 AM

What's New

The City of Alexandria has completed the construction of its first 28 new bus shelters throughout the City, replacing older or deteriorated shelters. The construction of these shelters began in 2017 and were completed in 2019. The City will be starting the planning and design for the next set of shelter improvements in 2020. 

Bus Stop Accessibility & Amenities Program

The City of Alexandria has nearly 400 bus stops throughout the City. The City provides facilities at bus stops to help make transit more accessible, comfortable, and convenient to customers; thereby encouraging usage. The City's Transportation Planning Division is responsible for implementing bus stop improvements such as ADA accessibility improvements, shelters, benches, bike racks and other amenities.  In addition, the City partners with the City's transit provider DASH to install real time signage at some of these stops that have high ridership. 

    This program is a continuation of the City of Alexandria’s effort to improve accessibility for all transit patrons.  The goals and objectives of this program are:  

    • Expand the number of ADA accessible bus stops
    • Increase pedestrian access and connectivity to the fixed-route bus system
    • Improve mobility options for people of all ages and abilities and remove barriers for the disabled community  

    The City uses a data driven approach to prioritize locations where bus stop amenities are needed.   For a bus stop to qualify for a new bus shelter the stop bus have at least 40 boardings per day as well as available City owned right-of way for the installation.  Additional consideration for shelter installations will be given to locations in or near activity centers or with multiple transit routes and transfers.

        Bus Shelter Program

        The City of Alexandria is in the process of replacing bus shelters installed in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s and installing new bus shelters at locations throughout the City of Alexandria.  This initiative consists of the design and construction of new concrete bus shelter pads, as well as the fabrication and installation of City standard bus shelters.  This program reinforces the City of Alexandria’s commitment to providing enhanced passenger amenities for transit riders.  View City’s standard bus shelter specifications.  

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