Transportation Project Updates and Initiatives

Page updated on May 3, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Del Ray Transportation Community Meeting                                        

Mount Vern_del ray 2 The City's T&ES staff met with Del Ray citizens, businesses, and stakeholders to address transportation issues as well as provide updates on current projects, such as the Route 1 Transitway project and development projects in Potomac Yard. Two public meeting were held where input on transportation issues was solicited from citizens and presentations were given by City staff.   

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NEXT STEPS - An additional meeting is tentatively scheduled for mid-March. This meeting will explore options that could be implemented by Fall 2013.

November 29, 2012:     Breakout Group Comments         Meeting Presentation

January 15, 2013:        Follow Up Meeting Notes               Meeting Presentation

Transit Corridor Feasibility Study

Transit Corridor imageThe study has been completed.  The final report can be found on the project webpage. Staff is moving forward with Corridor C Alternative Analysis and Environmental Assessment beginning in early 2013. In addition, City Council has amended the the Transportation Master Plan to reflect the recommendations from the High Capacity Transitway Corridor Workgroup.   Email questions to

Beauregard Corridor Small Area Plan

Beauregard SAPBeauregard Corridor Small Area Plan - The final plan was adopted by City Council in May 2012.  Staff is working on design guidelines and rezoning the Beauregard Small Area Plan.  Learn about the transportation-related improvements in the Beauregard planning area, including improvements being done as part of the BRAC-133 development, the City's high capacity Transitway Corridor connecting to Van Dorn Street and Beauregard Street (also known as Corridor C), and other improvements being considered as part of the Beauregard Small Area Plan process here.  

A citizen advisory group, Beauregard Rezoning Advisory Group (BRAG),  was created to provide oversight, monitor and provide guidance to the Planning Commission and make recommendations regarding the associated transportation improvements and phasing for Seminary Road at Beauregard Street.  2013 meetings were held on Jan 26, Feb 11, and Feb 28.  Email Maya Contreras at for more information.

Potomac Yard MetrorailPotomac Yard Petrorail image

An infill Metrorail station is being planned for the Potomac Yard development along the yellow and blue lines. The project is currently undergoing the environmental review process and location identification, with three locations under consideration. A working group. the Potomac Yard Metrorail Implementation Group, has been established to coordinate with City staff on the project.

  • The City of Alexandria’s Potomac Yard Metrorail Implementation Work Group (PYMIG) will hold a meeting on Monday, June 10, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at City Hall (301 King St.) in the Council Workroom. The public is invited to the meeting to learn about the proposed Potomac Yard Metrorail Station, the environmental planning process, and the station alternatives that are being proposed

If there are any questions about this project, contact Susan Gygi, Potomac Yard Projects Manager at 703.746.4109 or



Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor Plan

Landmark Van Dorn Plan Revised renderingThe City is currently working with the owner on an interim revitalization plan for the mall to ensure that this plan preserves the opportunities for long-term redevelopment as a mixed-use town center.  Implementation of the Landmark-Van Dorn Corridor  will involve detailed planning of public facilities and amenities, including location, cost and phasing, as well as a financial analysis, including anticipated developer contributions and other funding sources. In the near future, City staff will be sharing with the public a timeline, milestones, and public participation opportunities for this project.  The complete Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor Plan can be found here.  The transportation elements can found here.  Email questions to

Route 1 Transitway Project

Rt 1 BRTThe City continues construction on the Route 1 Transitway between Potomac Avenue and East Glebe Road. Beginning the week of February 18, vehicles will no longer be able to make left turns from southbound Route 1 at Potomac Avenue. The City is widening Route 1 north of Potomac Avenue in order to construct dedicated transit lanes and two transitway stations. Vehicles wishing to access Potomac Avenue from southbound Route 1 can turn left at Howell Avenue or any signalized intersection to the north. Access to Hume Avenue from northbound Route 1 will also be eliminated. Access to southbound Route 1 at Hume Avenue remains unaffected. Vehicles wishing to utilize Hume Avenue from northbound Route 1 can turn left at either East Glebe Road or Swann Avenue.  Meeting materials can be found here.  Email for more information.


Union Street Corridor Study

The City's Union St. CorridorUnion Street Corridor Study assesses conditions within the area and make recommendations for a final report which will support and promote a safe, lively and compelling waterfront where pedestrians, bicyclists and all users can feel safe and comfortable, minimizing intermodal conflicts.  The study was conducted in coordination with a number of previous studies, initiatives and plans produced by the Departments of T&ES and P&Z including the 2008 Transportation Master Plan which provides the overarching vision and goals for transportation systems in the City, the 2008 Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility Plan which provides a starting point for bike and pedestrian improvements and how they might be prioritized, the Old Town Area Parking Study provides a baseline understanding of parking issues and opportunities in Old Town, and the work of the Motorcoach Task Force's which developed a proactive approach to motorcoach management. In addition, the Union Street Corridor Study will consider the Wayfinding Guidelines, the Potomac River Waterfront Flood Mitigation Study, and the Windmill Hill Park Consensus Plan.  Meeting materials and the Final Union Street Corridor Study Report can be found on its webpage.  Contact for more information.