Parking Standards for New Development Projects Study

Parking Standards for New Development Study

Page updated on Feb 9, 2017 at 4:26 PM

What's New

On Monday February 6, 2017, the City welcomed parking and transportation expert, Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute for a discussion about parking trends and management strategies.  A recording of the event and Mr. Litman's presentation are now available online. 

The Task Force will hold its first meeting in March.  More details will be available online once the date is confirmed.  For questions about this study, please contact Katye North at or 703.746.4139.


    At the direction of City Council, the City of Alexandria commenced a study to review the City's parking standards which have not had a comprehensive review since the 1960's, and propose updated parking standards that reflect existing parking demand and market trends. Non-auto travel (including transit use, cycling and walking) has steadily increased since the City's current standards were set and there are indications that per household car ownership is declining in areas with better access to transit. Phase 1 of this two phase project focused on new residential development parking standards and was completed in April 2015 with an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. Phase 2 of the study will begin January 2017 and will evaluate the parking standards for new commercial development.

    To assist with this effort, the City Council established the Parking Standards for New Development Projects Task Force (Task Force) to work with City staff in reviewing existing parking standards and updating standards for new development projects. The nine-member Task Force provided input on revisions to the City's parking requirements for new multi-family residential development projects.  The Task Force will be reconvene to provide similar input for Phase 2 of this study.  Members of the Task Force will be expected to attend the public meetings associated with the effort, staff-led working meetings of the Task Force, and work sessions and public hearings of the Planning Commission and City Council.

    Phase 1

    On Saturday, April 18, 2015, the City Council approved an amendment to the City Zoning Ordinance to revise the parking standards for multi-family development projects. The revised parking standards reflect the City's parking practices, changes and trends in demographics, and changes in market demands. The Parking Standards for Multi-family Residential Development Projects Guiding Document provides an overview of the new standards and instructions on applying them to new development projects.

    More information about this phase of the study can is provided under Past Meetings and Events.  

    Past Meetings and Events

    Task Force Meeting #6 - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - (Location: City Hall, Room 2000, 301 King Street)

    Task Force Meeting #5 - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - (Location: City Hall, Room 2000, 301 King Street)

    Task Force Meeting #4 - Wednesday, October 22, 2014 (Location: City Council Work Room, City Hall, Second Floor).

    Task Force Meeting #3 - Wednesday, June 3, 2014 at 7pm (Location: Lee Center)
    The third meeting of the Parking Standards for New Development Projects Task Force focused on local and national parking tools and best practices. Cheryl Cort, Policy Director for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, provided a presentation on DC's parking policies and tools.

    Task Force Meeting #2 - Wednesday, May 14 at 7pm (Location: Charles Houston Recreation Center)
    The second meeting of the Parking Standards for New Development Projects Task Force focused on the results of the City's data collection efforts and analysis. The Task Force began to explore the factors impacting the demand for residential parking.

    Task Force Meeting #1 - Wednesday, April 9 at 7pm (City Council Work Room, City Hall, 301 King Street, Alexandria, VA)
    The first meeting of the Parking Standards for New Development Projects Task Force focused on current demographics and trends and existing Alexandria parking policies and practices. Staff also discussed the process and methodology of the parking study and future meeting topics.

    Expert Panel Event - Monday, March 31 at 7pm (Lyceum, 201 S. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA)
    The City hosted an expert panel event, "Why Right-Sized Parking Matters: National and Regional Best Practices, Local Level Implementation, Impacts & Community Benefits". The panel featured three speakers with extensive knowledge about parking issues from three perspectives: local and national research, local public policy and implementation, and private development. The featured speakers included: Chris B. Leinberger, Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institute; Harriet Tregoning, Director for the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities HUD & Former Director of the DC Office of Planning; and W. Clarke Ewart, Senior Principal with Paradigm Companies. The event was recorded and the video may be view HERE .