Old Town Area Parking Study

The City recently completed a study of an 85-block area of Old Town to document existing, on- and off-street public parking, assess utilization and develop recommendations for parking management strategies.

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In 2015, the City reconvened the Old Town Area Parking Study (OTAPS) Work Group to continue reviewing and making recommendations on parking management in the Old Town area. The Work Group will review and discuss potential changes to existing metered parking restrictions, Old Town residential permit parking restrictions and prioritize recommendations for the Traffic and Parking Board and City Council. 

2015 OTAPS Report

Staff Report and Next Steps     Draft Parking Management Work Plan

Work Group Report     Recommendations Chart     Background

2015 OTAPS Work Group Meetings

January 28, 2015          Agenda     Presentation     Audio                Video

February 25, 2015        Agenda     Presentation     Background     Audio      Video

March 25, 2015             Agenda     Presentation     Background     Audio     Video

April 29, 2015               Agenda     Presentation     Background     Audio     Video

May 27, 2015                Agenda     Presentation     Background     Audio     Video

June 11, 2015               Agenda    Draft Recommendations   Presentation     Audio     Video

June 24, 2015               Agenda     Presentation     Audio     Video

August 11, 2015           Agenda    Recommendations Chart       Presentation     Audio     Video

Old Town Area Parking Study Work Group

The Old Town Area Parking Study Work Group is a City Manager appointed stakeholder group, which was established to discuss key findings and recommendations from the recently conducted Old Town Area Parking Study and to advise staff. The Work Group will be discussing implementation of specific recommendations as directed by City Council. The meetings were open to the public.

Work Group Members

  • Jody Manor - Alexandria Restaurant Association
  • Alexandria Hotel Association - Appointment Pending
  • Bert Ely - Old Town Civic Association
  • Yvonne Weight Callahan - Old Town Civic Association
  • Aimee Houghton - Upper King St. Neighborhood Association
  • Keil Gentry - West Old Town Citizens Association
  • Charlotte Hall - Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
  • Jim Novak - U.S. PTO
  • Kent Fee - Alexandria Commission on Persons with Disabilities
  • Stew Dunn - Planning Commission
  • Howard Bergman - Waterfront Commission
  • Nate Macek - Transportation Commission
  • Elizabeth Todd - Old Town Boutique District
  • Danielle Romanetti - Old Town Business & Professional Association
  • Roger Parks - Small Business Representative
  • Mark Abramson - Citizen Representative
  • Mark Feldheim - Citizen Representative
  • Rob Kaufman - Real Estate Developer, PMA Properties
  • Andrew Blair - Garage Owner/Operator

Background Materials

2012 Meeting Materials

October 16, 2012 

September 11, 2012 

August 28, 2012 

August 14, 2012 

July 31, 2012 

July 17, 2012 

June 18, 2012 

2010 Meeting Materials

August 31, 2010 

August 17, 2010 

The work group discussed valet parking in the City, the parking implications of the proposed Waterfront Concept Plan, the proposed Wayfinding program, and the relationship of these subjects to the use of parking garages in the Old Town area. The group also discussed ways of improving the usage of parking garages and parking lots.

August 3, 2010 

The work group discussed the addition of new meters in commercial blocks and implementation of the proposed policy to require payment of meter fees by disabled users, also known as the "All May Park, All Must Pay" policy.

July 20, 2010
The work group discussed the time limits for non-permit holders in residential permit parking zones and the installation of meters in residential permit parking zones for use by non-permit holders.

July 6, 2010
The work group discussed extending the hours of operation for parking meters and reducing the allowable maximum time at some of the existing metered spaces.

June 29, 2010
The work group received an overview of the Old Town Area Parking Study and reviewed the purpose and goals of the appointed work group. The group also reviewed the short- and long-term recommendation topics scheduled to be addressed during the work group sessions.

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