King Quaker Braddock Intersection Improvement

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Proposed Improvements at King, Quaker and Braddock Intersections


Project Description

The King Street / Braddock /Quaker  intersection operates at an unacceptable Level of Service (LOS) with daily traffic volumes exceeding 46,000. The LOS is expected to further deteriorate with traffic volumes exceeding 60,000 by the year 2020 under current conditions.

The King Quaker Braddock project is based on the recommendations contained in the Route 7 Spot Improvements Study that was completed in April 2010.  The study recommendations included a number of geometric improvements to the service road and to the King Quaker Braddock intersection, hereafter referred to as the Intersection.  Safeway provided funding for the service road improvements when they redeveloped several years ago.  However, the proposed geometric improvements to the Intersection were eliminated from the project for budgetary reasons.  The current project  has great  benefits to all the users and  will yield good outcomes that communities, commuters and the surrounding business will appreciate and sustain. The project has two separate components; and improvements to the street and traffic signal at the Intersection and improvements to the service road.

 The street and traffic signal improvements will include upgrades to the existing pavement markings and signage, upgrades to the traffic signals and upgrades to street lights. Improvements are planned to increase pedestrian safety, equip the intersection with state of the art apparatus and for enhanced emergencies readiness. Also there will be be surveillance camera installations to benefit the City’s snow operations. The location will have installations of more advanced traffic control devices and sensors capable of applying future transit system priorities and traffic responsive and adaptive options. The proposed improvements will result in a more operationally efficient intersection to improve traffic flow and reduce the queues and delays for the three major corridors King, Quaker and Braddock. Construction is anticipated early March, 2017 and the proposed improvements will result in a more operationally efficient intersection to improve traffic flow and reduce the queues and delays for the three major corridors King, Quaker and Braddock.

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Second, the service road improvements include tightening up the slip ramp leading from the service road to King Street; and restricting traffic from Quaker Lane from entering the service road by constructing a curb extension.  This safe approach will eliminate any stops on Quaker Lane and the conflict with pedestrians crossing the service road. The service road improvements were completed in Summer 2016. 

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Project Goals

Increase operational efficiency and create a safe and an attractive integrated environment for all modes of transportation including the pedestrians, motorists and transit and to enhance the emergency readiness at this critical site.

Project Objectives

Organize a safe environment for the pedestrians crossing at the location also generate a good throughput with equitable green distribution for the other means of transportation at all the intersection approaches.

Project Strategy

Street improvements include upgrades to traffic signals with new mast arms. Improvements include increase in pedestrian safety and installing smart accessible push buttons and detection pedestrian devices. There will be a revision and upgrades to the street light scheme to enhance the overall lighting and to meet current standards. The improvements will also include equipping the location with the state of the art equipment for fast communications with the smart traffic center and for elevated readiness to emergencies. Also, there will be different instrument installations to help with snow operations.

Project Features

Equip the intersection with new technologies to grow into a safer location and become smarter and more responsive site to all forms of transportation including vehicles, buses, bikes and pedestrians.

  1. Upgraded traffic signals for an enhanced traffic flow control

  2. Providing enhanced vehicle detection for a more responsive system

  3. Providing Accessible pedestrian signals

  4. Future Transit system priorities and traffic responsive possibilities

  5. Providing improved signage and pavement markings

  6. Providing backup battery and a built in generator capabilities for power outages 

  7. Beautification through converting the span wire traffic signal to mast arm poles with LED signal heads

  8. Upgraded street lights and providing enhanced LED street lighting


Civic Community - Outreach

The proposed construction work related to the Proposed Improvements at King, Quaker and Braddock Intersections will potentially be located within or in close proximity to existing and planned commercial and residential uses, businesses and neighborhoods. Therefore, we prepared an outreach strategy to involve stakeholders, including potential businesses and residents which may be impacted. City staffs have met with several community as well as business owners to provide updates on the project as well as solicit input.

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