LED Streetlight Pilot Project

Page archived as of January 23, 2019

The City's goal is to reduce energy use, control cost, and limit the environmental impact (e.g. carbon emissions) of outdoor lighting while balancing the safety and security of Alexandria residents.

As part of the City's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program and the Eco-City Alexandria initiative, the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services has partnered with Dominion VA Power to retrofit approximately 34 streetlights with light-emitting diode, also known as LED technology. The pilot project will help the City and Dominion VA Power better understand operational and performance factors such as equipment life cycle costs, lighting performance, and energy usage. The first pilot site encompasses the Braddock Metro Station area, and includes streetlights along E. Braddock, N. West, and Madison streets. This area was selected because it has high pedestrian traffic and includes four of the most commonly used lighting fixtures throughout the City: cobra head, colonial, gadsby, and acorn. The pilot project began in June 2011 and will conclude in June 2012.

Benefits of Using LED Technology

  • LEDs use semi-conducting materials to convert electricity into light, which results in 35 to 60% energy savings per light fixture.
  • LEDs last 3 to 4 times longer than traditional light sources such as high-intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures, which are used throughout the City.
  • Unlike HID and fluorescent fixtures, LEDs are mercury-free, contain little to no hazardous materials, and are recyclable.LEDInstallation
  • LEDs require less maintenance which provides additional cost savings.
  • LEDs distribute light more uniformly and directionally, thus reducing light pollution.

More Information 

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  • MWCOG Streetlights Program 
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  • Green Building Resource Center

The City welcomes feedback from the community about the LED Streetlight Pilot Project. Please feel free to submit your comments to ledstreetlight@alexandriava.gov. Should you have questions, call 703.746.4065.