Recycling at Work

All Alexandria businesses, multifamily properties, such as condominiums and apartments, and Homeowners Association's (HOAs) that contract directly for solid waste services, are required to recycle beginning July 1, 2006.

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Businesses, apartment buildings, and condominiums generate two-thirds of all trash and recycling in the City of Alexandria.  To help achieve the City's goal of a 50 percent recycling rate, City Council passed an ordinance requiring business and multi-family property owners to submit a Recycling Implementation Form (RIP form) every two years.  A City Recycling Specialist is available to assist with setting up and promoting recycling programs at businesses and commercial properties.  For assistance write or call 703.746.4133.

Information for apartment and condominium managers and residents can be found at Recycling at Condos, Apartments and HOAs

What's New     Recycle at Work

  • 2019 Recycling Implementation Plan Update begins December 1, 2018.  All City businesses and multi-family property owners are required to update their Recycling Implementation Plans.  Businesses with an e-mail address on file should receive a notice and a password to access your plan electronically.  Businesses without an e-mail on file will receive a letter containing their password in mid-December.  Questions?  Write or call 703.746.4133.
  • Sign Up for Resource Recovery Announcements - Would you like to receive more information about recycling and solid waste programs? Need a quick reminder when refuse service will be delayed due to a holiday? With the City of Alexandria's Free eNews service you can receive updates about recycling and solid waste plus over 80 additional topics that interest you.

Non-Residential & Multi-Family Recycling Requirements

These entities are subject to the requirements described under Article H of Title 5, which was unanimously approved by City Council in February 2006.

In order to comply with the new recycling requirements, all non-residential, multifamily properties, and HOAs are required to have a Recycling Implementation Plan Form (RIP) on file. Anyone who has not submitted a RIP form to-date may be subject to penalties ranging from $50 to $500 per month.  To obtain the user identification and password necessary to access your online RIP form, please contact the City's Recycling Program at 703-746-4410 or email:

Tools to Set up a Recycling Program or Educate

The following resources are available to help you begin recycling at your location:

City staff can assist you by conducting a site visit to determine the types of recyclable materials you can recover; determining the appropriate size, location and frequency of collection containers; assist with appropriate informational signs; and suggesting strategies for reducing waste and informing your tenants about how to participate in the program. If you or someone you know needs assistance establishing a program, working with your service provider, or improving a program already in place, please contact the City's Solid Waste Division at 703-746-4410

Special Use Permit Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials Storage Space Guidelines

All new non-residential and multi-family construction and large scale renovations are subject to the new special use permit solid waste and recyclable materials storage space requirements.  The applicant shall provide storage space for trash and recyclable materials containers as outlined in the City's Solid Waste and Recyclables Materials Storage Space Guidelines, or to the satisfaction of the Director of Transportation & Environmental Services.  Please contact Planning and Zoning to find out more about permitting requirements.  Visit: or Call: (703) 746-4035.