Stormwater Utility Fees and Credits for Residential Properties

Residential properties, such as condos, townhomes, and single family homes, will be billed using a tiered method. Property owners can apply for Stormwater Utility Fee credits annually between December 1 and February 15.

Page updated on May 21, 2021 at 4:00 PM

What's New?

The stormwater utility fee has increased to accelerate capital stormwater projects and maintenance to mitigate flooding impacts from more intense rainfall events that have occurred over the last two-years. City Council voted on the increase via revision to the ordinance at the January 26, 2021, Legislative Session and adopted on second reading at the February 20 Public Hearing. The stormwater utility is billed twice a year in May and October and each billing is based on half (½) the billing rate. The May 2021 billing rate increased from $140 to $210, and is being billed at $105 (half of $210). The October 2021 billing rate will increase to $280 and be billed at $140 (half of $280).

What’s my fee?

To view the Stormwater Utility Fee for any property: use the property search or Stormwater Utility Fee Viewer and enter the property address.

Residential properties are billed using a tiered method that is based on the primary land use classification.

  • Condo tier includes garden-style and hi-rise condos
  • Townhouse tier includes townhouse-style condos, row townhouses, and semi-detached houses
  • Typical and large single-family tiers include detached houses

Stormwater Utility fees

Learn more about the Stormwater Utility Fee and the services it funds. 

How do I pay?

Most customers receive the bill as a line item on their real estate tax bill that is received directly or through their mortgage company in May and October each year. Properties who do not pay real estate tax, receive a bill for just the stormwater utility fee. Contact the Finance department for assistance or to pay a bill.

Credits for Stormwater Management

Combine eligible credits to reduce fees by up to 50 percent. Credit eligibility and documentation requirements vary by property type. Learn more about the credit policy and how to apply:

Design and installation standards on stormwater management best practices and stormwater-friendly landscaping practices in the credit policies, include: 

  • No fertilizer pledge
  • Conservation Landscaping with Native Plants 
  • Urban Nutrient Management Plans
  • Rain barrels / Cisterns / Rainwater Harvesting
  • Infiltration Practice
  • Rain Garden / Flow Thru Planter Box (bioretention)
  • Permeable Pavement system (top course and gravel reservoir) 
  • Vegetated Green Roof 
  • New Native Tree Planting - 1" caliper minimum

Note: not all property types are eligible for each practice - refer to the Credit Manual for credit eligibility.

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