One Water Partnership

One Water Alexandria is a partnership between the three water entities that serve the City of Alexandria: Virginia American Water, the City of Alexandria, and AlexRenew.

Page updated on Sep 8, 2021 at 9:23 AM

Watch the One Water Video here!

Initiated in 2018, One Water Alexandria is a partnership between the three water entities that serve the City of Alexandria: Virginia American Water, who provides drinking water; the City of Alexandria, who owns the sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure; and Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), who owns the water resource recovery facility, interceptors, pump stations, and combined sewer outfalls. RiverRenew is the program owned and implemented by AlexRenew, with support from the City of Alexandria, to reduce combined sewer system overflows in Old Town, Alexandria. 

Water Discovery Days 2021 

Alexandria’s three water system partners – the City of Alexandria, AlexRenew and Virginia American Water – will host the fifth annual Water Discovery Days from September 26 through October 2. This free event will commence with a Kayak Clean-Up in partnership with Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation on September 26, include virtual educational sessions and activities posted online, a Blood Drive on October 1, and a self-guided bike tour of Alexandria’s unique water features on October 2.  This is a great opportunity for residents and families to learn how the Alexandria water system works and how to support clean water and waterways in our community. 

Water Discovery Days 2020

In September 2020, the One Water partnership celebrated Water Discovery Day by hosting a week-long virtual event which included several educational videos related to water resources in the City of Alexandria. Links to YouTube videos and descriptions are provided below.

Water Discovery Days:  Virtual Bike Ride (Run time 6:57)

Check out local water features and waterways!

Water Discovery Days:  City of Alexandria Stormwater Management Division - The Scientific Method and Water Absorption (Run time 6:17)

Use household materials to test how absorbent each is. Click here to download the list of materials and instructions.

Water Discovery Days:  Urban Alliance - Pump Station Demonstration (Run time 3:57)

​Use household materials to create a model of how water moves in a pressure system works, like a pump station. 

Water Discovery Days:  Virginia American Water - The Amazing Journey of Water (Run time 1:57)

Make a fun water cycle bracelet with beads and a pipe cleaner.   

Water Discovery Days:  Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation - Tracing Hume Spring (Run time 8:50)

Explore Alexandria by foot and trace Hume Spring until it meets Four Mile Run.

Water Discovery Days:  Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia - Small Trees Make Big Canopies (Run time 4:12)

Master Gardeners describe their efforts to plant native saplings all around our community so we can restore our region's tree canopy. Click here to sign up for a free tree!